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hi all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by blackvtwin, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. hello to everyone, heard about this site some time ago , i was reminded about it the other night, while on a ride up the old pacific road, when i bumped into a guy & girl from this site, riding a nice new maroon vfr800 & a black baby vtr (250) . so thought i might join & catch up with some of you on rides / coffee run . i'm riding a black vtr firestorm. cheers mal.

  2. Hi mate

    Welcome to Netrider
  3. Welcome aboard Mal.
    Plenty of Firestorm riders here.
  4. Welcome Mal, you'll like it here; more information and rides than a dog has fleas :LOL:.
  5. Hi Mal, welcome to NR!
  6. thanks for the welcolme guys, yes i think there is some firestorm riders here iv'e met.
  7. Welcome Mal.

    See you around soon no doubt then.
  8. You have indeed , Welcome aboard mate get ya arse out to the Fiddler for coffee some time or ill see ya on a ride.
  9. thanks bob, i plan to do just that!
  10. Glad to see you ventured out to the Fiddler in the rain today Mal to meet some of us.......unlike Bob who doesn't like to get Stormy wet & dirty :p :LOL:

    See ya on a ride soon.
  11. hi and welcome
  12. howdy n welcome :grin: