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Hi all !

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by gtrgilera, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. Been lurking for a while, thought I'd join up and be part of the odd discussion here & there.
    Been riding a while (36 years?), got myself a fun scoot, Gilera 500 and bigger fun scoot, Kawa 1400GTR, both do much the same thing : put a big smile on my face whenever they're ridden :grin:
    If I was a cheese you'd be cutting the edges off, but I've still got a few good riding years ahead of me, having already done around 8000km on the GTR since early November with no commuting.. a nice ride that one!

    Should get to meet some of you's one day, meanwhile I'll no doubt post from time to time....

  2. Welcome :)

    Whereabouts are you?
  3. hi,
    yeah - I noticed I didn't put much in the profile section :oops:

    updated a little now....:LOL:

    I'm in the Liverpool area...
  4. Welcome :). Now that's a truly diverse garage :shock: :LOL:.
  5. Welcome to the crew.

    Mmmmm 1400GTR...... Very nice!!!

    Had a look at one as my Beemer got bent but budget wont reach at the moment.


  6. Hey, stretch your budget, it's worth it :LOL: :LOL:

    I traded a BMW (1150GS) on it, (had a good time on it, but got sick of the vibrations and buffeting)

    GTR is magic, even for quickie trips... very happy with it :grin:
  7. Very nice ride - a lounge chair on wheels with all the creature comforts :grin:

    There's a coffee meet down your end of town at the Horse & Jockey Menangle on a Thursday night...check out the NSW Rides & Events for the details.

    BTW Welcome to NR & enjoy your riding.

  8. Wow, you don't want any stalkers, huh? :p
  9. Noice bike that 1400GTR :cool:

    I have two in my garage..... ok one is mine but its still cool.
  10. welcome to NR gtr, hope you enjoy the forums

    davo is one of those the gtr you done the ride for the article in arr?
    was a very good read
  11. Welcome GTR.. Well apart from your great taste in kawasakis, i am curious to hear about your scoot.. Have been eying them off for a while now, and must say i am very tempted.. :grin:
  12. Davo, you're a show off :LOL: :LOL:

    I've just done a quick little loop, up Kulnura, Wollombi and back on the Putty, it's bloody warm in the sun!!
    I've never ridden so far without speeding before, had to keep myself awake some of the time!! :LOL: :LOL:

    Hey, Blue14,
    I got the Nexus in June, done 9000kms, been up through the Oxley, again up to Coffs via Armidale... so far I think it's a great fun ride, brembo brakes all round work real nice, it seems to handle quite nicely, 500cc with ample acceleration... i usually take it out for 'around the block' rides for something different... it's fun for those 300-400km day rides...
    I grew up in Amsterdam, always had scooters till I came here, luv em :grin:

  13. another new one

    Hey just thought id join up and pick your brains as i am very new to bikes and every little bit will help me lol
  14. Re: another new one

    Hey there polska, you not thread stealing are you.. :LOL: Go start yourself your own intro thread and let us know a bit about yourself.. :grin:
  15. One on left is mine, one on right is Kawasaki Australia's (that I named Roku) yes the one I did that ride on and did again 13-19th December. Its in my garage again now.
  16. howdy and welcome :grin:
  17. very nice davo, i hope to one day do that myself, but will need another bike for it, the strom jsut won't cut it. having to stop every 200km's max before refueling