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Hi All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kevo954, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Hi all, i have been to a few coffee nights and a couple of mystery cruises and met a great bunch of people so I have finally joined up, I ride a red 2002 Honda Fireblade 954 and love it, see you all next time. Kev. :wink:

  2. Welcome to NR, enjoy! Think you already are :grin:
  3. Welcome to the forums Kevo :)
  4. [​IMG] Big Kev.
  5. Welcome Kevo :grin:
  6. Welcome to NR Kevo :grin:
  7. Welcome Kevo :dance:
  8. Ahoyhoy kevo welcome :newb:
  9. Welcome Kevo!!!
  10. Welcome Kevo, hope you enjoy
  11. welcome Kev...
  12. Welcome Kev
  13. Howdy do! N welcome :grin:
  14. And a very belated welcome to you too, Kev :oops:
    I'd love to work my way up to your size blade :)
  15. Welcome to the forum Kev. :)
  16. nice bike Kev welcome ,