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Hi all!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ihaveduff, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Hey all!! i've been browsing these forums for a while, and decided to join. I take my Pre L's course this weekend, and i pick up my bike the week after! she'll be a Honda VTR250, get me started and on my way! I live over in Randwick in Sydney

    Anyway, thought i should join up because i'm so close to getting my first bike! Wish me luck :p :)
  2. Good move; & all the best with ya test matey. :wink:

  3. welcome and good luck
  4. Howdy. Good luck with the test and enjoy the bike hunting. :cool:
  5. thanks guys :grin:
    any tips on bike hunting? i can either go new, and i've found a few second hand i'm looking at. I'm bringing a mate who knows a fair bit about bikes, but don't want to look too n00bish :p
  6. Nah mate, I look noobish but bring a 'old hand' mate.

    I tried to BS my way through a few bike dealers - And I'm fantastic at BS. The better ones can smell noob at 200 yards...
  7. hahahaha cheers mate. I did get caught out at Action motorcycles... I made the mistake of going up alone :oops: ... Looking at 2nd hand VTRs now so i don't make a virgin sacrifice!
  8. good luck with the learners dont know anyone that has failed it yet...
    and welcome to NR

    if you have your bike before the 4th maybe you would like to look at the learners northern run that the guys are holding up there

    although you might want some time to get used to what ever bike you pick up
  9. Welcome to NR ihaveduff :grin:
  10. Good luck, Duff! You'll love it :grin:
  11. Welcome Duff, good luck at the weekend.