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Hi all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rider, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Hi all
    Just thought I would drop in after making the dreaded mistake of entering into a discussion as a newbie without reading the rules .

    I wont make that mistake again.

    Anyhows I am an older rider from South Australia. My first bike was also an old Suzie 250 I bought second hand in Broken Hill about 30 years ago with a flat battery and a goofy kick start . Would have to roll that one down a hill to get it started .

    I wish netrider was around then .

  2. Welcome rider...there are some older NR around too.
    Be down your way this friday ..probably go to Gillman Speedway Friday night.for a round of the Aussie title...but the trip down is up in the air, until a phone call is made in the morning.
  3. Welcome to the forums. Most of the people here are friendly and helpful and polite, of course, you do get the ones occasionally who sounds like they've just eaten a sour prune and need to be abrupt and rude. :roll:
  4. Yes Welcome to Netrider, Im new too but from what Ive read they're a friendly bunch.
  5. Welcome, enjoy your time here, there's a few in here from SA.
  6. Welcome Rider :grin:
  7. Welcome to NR, you'll love it :grin:
  8. Welcome Rider. Don't worry you'll learn to dodge the flame throwers.
  9. Welcome.
    Claim your piece of NR & enjoy
  10. Many thanks for the warm welcome all ........
  11. Yeah I made that mistake to & my roasting... I mean welcome was quickly forgotten, so there's no need to stress soon they'll move on the fresher fodder :LOL:
  12. Welcome to NR. Sounds like your old bike was a right ol' pain! Glad it didn't put you off.
  13. G'day and welcome Rider :)