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Hi all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by oldman, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Hi all, I,m new to this forum and look forward to meeting up with some of you out on the road. Ive been riding for 3yrs after a 28 yr lay off, I ride a 675 Daytona
    Cheers Paul

  2. welcome oldman from an old woman who just happens to ride a trump as well :grin: have fun!
  3. Welcome oldman, enjoy the newbie status :grin:
  4. Hi Paul,

    Welcome to netrider. Hope you hang around... :)

    Where in Sth Gippsland are you? :grin:
  5. LOL, yeah OLD?? I dont think so :)

    Welcome Paul, we need some new victims for our group in Gippy.

    Which reminds me Kids whens the next coffee and ride???? Rosie your pick for location and i'll work up a route over your side.
  6. Welcome oldman

    Enjoy the Daytona - great choice of bike, am sure you'll have plenty of fun together
  7. Let me think on it Woodsy. Perhaps Fish Creek? :) :grin:
  8. Welcome oldman. Happy reading :biker:
  9. 28 years is a long break. but then again your 3 years back is long compared to my 6 months.

    Welcome to the forums Oldman.
    nice bike.
  10. Welcome Ol'man Paul. Happy slow reading. :grin: :wink:
  11. Welcome Oldman :grin:
  12. Welcome oldman from another. Hope you enjoy the experience.
  13. welcome oldman, enjoy the noob status :)
  14. Thanks to all for the welcome, Rosie V7 I live in Poowong, what about you?most of you that have been up this way will have ridden past my place.
    I,m pretty sure it was Netrider members who came through here about 5:30 last night.
    Cheers Paul
  15. Hi Paul,

    I'm in Cape Paterson...about to move to Smith's Beach. If you're keen to go for a ride anytime, sing out...or send me a pm (that's probably the better option). :grin:

    Not sure if you realise, but there are a bunch of Sth and West Gippslanders who get together every now and then for a ride/bbq/coffee/drink. Keep an eye out for any Gippy rides etc. Would be great to see you at one.

    The world needs more Gippsland riders!!!! :grin:
  16. Shit yeah, we're the best :p
  17. figjam even :roses: :LOL:
  18. Lets not get ahead of ourselves, here remember i met alot of you gippy lot :shock: ..... and i not sure we really need anymore nutters on bikes :? :LOL:

    btw welcome oldman... now with a name like that sorta takes the fun outta hanging crap on the old farts of the forum :p :wink:

    Sure i will see oyu on a up and coming ride

    Cheers stewy
  19. Oi we resemble that remark :grin:

    Old man, one of my regulay burns is, drouin (home)-traf-thorpdale-mirboo nth-leongatha-korumburra-poowong-nyora-lang lang-drouin(pub for lunch).