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Hi all!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Noodie Pooh, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. New to this, although I have met some fantastic Netrider people already in my travels!

    One thing that apealed to me is the common bond that people share in this forum and becoming a Netrider member was an easy decission for me.

    It is nice to be able to partake in my hobby online during work and keep up-to-date on issues, trips and general spam.

    I would also like to hear from people who live near me (Mt. Martha), who like me, enjoy heading out in the afternoon for a quick burn around the Peninsula, to blow away the cobwebs of working life. If you’re one of them, please get in contact with me and maybe we can catch up for a ride here or there?

    By the way, I have a Z1000 and love being naked! :LOL:

    Anyway, thank you to all for making me feel very welcome to this Netrider forum and club.


    P.S. my nickname is only a number, so if you have any ideas for a name for this forum, let me know!
  2. Hey dood, welcome. Nice part of the world that you live/work in.

    Nick, well, let me christen you,

    I hereby declare you named.......................drum roll......................

    Noodie ;)
  3. Welcome 2921...or should that be Noodie :grin:
  4. Here I stand,.................... naked and alone!!!

    Geeee, I hope it's not cold 8-[

    Let's see if that nickname isn't already taken, but I like the way you 'perverted' people think! :grin:

    Now I just have to figure out the way to make my transformation happen. Any idea of how I go about re-christening myself?
  5. Well Jens/Noodie, Vic's the man who can make that happen, so just say the word.

    And, of course, a warm welcome to the Netrider forums....
  6. Well hello there! You were on the West Gippy ride weren't you? Friend of Good Karma's? :)

    Nice to see you on the board Jens. :)

  7. Hi and welcome - a few NRs live near you i.e. Sirprice, myself, Speedbump, Matti-San etc - PM when you want to go for a ride, or post one on NR, I'm sure you'll find someone :)
  8. Thanks Paul, will give Vic a hoy.

    And hello to Rosie, yes I was on part of the ride in west gippy. I remember you as well. How's the riding going, you still doing as many km's on your bike? Let me know when you're out and about, easy for me to catch up!

    Hello Andrew, sounds like I'm not alone down here afterall! I often jump on my bike for a quick burn around the Peninsula around 5-6pm. Maybe we can catch up sometime? I enjoy riding with fellow hobbieists!

    Thanks to all, I'm feelin the love!!! :cry:
  9. Hey there 2921, Welcome.

    With an Avatar like that how about..........THE HOFF. :LOL: :LOL: :grin: :shock:

    But seriosly great bunch and great reading here.

  10. Welcome Jens, nice choice of bike.
  11. Hey Jens, welcome.
  12. Welcome Jens
  13. Hey rooboy!

    What the... "THE HOFF"?!?

    Them is fighting words! :twisted:

    How did you get your name? Did you actually hit a roo? Them barstards hurt, I know!

    Thank you all for nice itro into your forum & club. Hope to make it to the Xmas meet, so I might be able to place faces with your nicknames.

    What do the netriders on the peninsula think about an after-work getogether? It's a long way to go to Southbank for drinks every Friday!
    Please let me know what you think.

    Thanks all,

  14. Re: Hey rooboy!

    Think it rhymes with Andrew? some weird hippy chick in the office made it stick. And yes I did hit a roo 2 weeks after I got my new bike, 4 weeks ago.....Damn fcuker!!! :mad:

    Keep it sticky side down Jens.

  15. Hey rooboy, don't those little f%#&@rs hurt!?!

    Hunted my roo down last easter and felt bad about the bike, so I bought it of the dealer that loaned it to me 5 months later. You just can't kill a Z1000 that easily! Not too much plastic damage,... god I love nekkid bikes!

    By the way Vic, the name 'noodie' is taken I believe, but in the off chance, you able to change that for me?
  16. hey i recognise that boof head....................
    Oh sorry thats a mirror :roll:

    welcome bloke, glad u came last week. us gippy people are Ace, (just ask, we'll tell u. LOL)

    chat soon dude. ride safe.
  17. +1 ^ What he said :LOL:
  18. Dreaming again Woodsy I see :roll: :LOL:

    welcome. BTW