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Hi All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by spadge, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. Just came across the forum when I was researching for a new bike I really need to upgrade my old spada I think it will be an SV650 but I'll have to con the missus first.

  2. Welcome to the forums. Take a look at this months two wheels - has a review/comparison sv650 to er6-n.
  3. Welcome to the forum and good luck on the new bike, just tell her "Oh geez, your hair looks nice darl". and she be putty in your hands. :)
  4. Welcome Mate. :)
    Just take her out to pick some leathers for herself.....Works everytime :grin:
  5. welcome spadge... fellow brissy boy here... am wanting to upgrade as well.. but am gonna wait for a bit... would love to save up for an r6!!!

    but yeah.. welcome.. you'll find heaps of great advice on here :D
  6. Hi Spadge!

    Did you come up with the nickname on your own? or are you an old-school Worms [pc game] fan? :grin:
  7. Hey Spadge.
  8. welcome to the house Spadge!
  9. rooboy's nailed it :LOL:

    Welcome to the open asylum....
  10. My mates came up with the nickname. Its from picture magazine. Its part of the female anatomy. Basically they think I am a !@#$ of a thing.
  11. Welcome spadge
  12. Spadge you are being very gay ! just buy the bike turn up at home and go without sex for a month it's the only way. She will eventualy get toey and invite you back to bed. In the mean time you can have sex with your brand new bike ! :grin:
  13. Thanks everyone I really feel welcome
  14. Hi Spadge :)
  15. Hey Spadge nice pick up on the Z750.
  16. :rofl: I actually agree with this. :LOL:
  17. Welcome to the forums Spadge, you can't go wrong with an SV ;)
  18. Welcome to the forum spadge, I too am looking at the sv for my next bike.