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Hi all

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rolla_masta, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Hi all just got my learners in SA (mate conned me into getting my motorbike license) havent got the money yet for a bike, but i am looking around, whats the forums opinion on the yamaha FZR250 or a zippy 250 in general

  2. Hello and welcome :)

    FZR's are great little bikes.. we own 2 of them.. They go great on track days as well :)

  3. Welcome to the forum rolla-masta, we've got a lot of members in Adelaide and I'm sure you're going to get lots of help here.

    Just bear in mind that right at the moment we are very pre-occupied by the death of one of our member's wife in a car accident, so answers to your questions might be a bit slower than normal.....
  4. Welcome dude. Good to see some more Adelaideians in here.

    In short the FZR is a good bike. Make sure you give it a straddle and some other bikes at the same time just so you know it is the right bike for you.
    Others i like:
    Kawasaki GPX250
    Kawasaki ZZR250
    Kawasaki ZXR250 (ZX2R)

    No bias at all. Not a Yamaha and Kawasaki fanboy. :p
  5. Welcome Rolla :wink:
  6. Howdy & Welcome to the forums hope you enjoy your stay. :)
  7. Hello Rolla masta. Welcome. :)
  8. Now i am confused :shock:

    Anyway, hi and welcome, :)
  9. G-doi moit & welcome.

    You'll love wotever you get, Yammie, Suzie, Kwaka Honda....

    Just try and sit/ride on as many as you can a see what fits you. Chances are you'll rock up somewhere, see a bike and say "that's it, that's the one" then it's problem solved :cool:

    then you'll be hooked, there is no escape, your in it for good.

  10. Welcome mate... :D
  11. welcome to the madhouse.. :LOL:
  12. thanks all for the warm reception, i guess i should try some bikes out and do some research first, plus this friday i got a interview with the MTA for a motorbike mechanic appreticeship, so hopefully all goes well \:D/
  13. Welcome to the Forums rolla

    What ever you end up with you will enjoy. Happy riding and have fun

    Cheers :cool:
  14. Congrats mate! Let us know when you have your bike!
  15. oo eck, chief, we've already got a Rolla and now we have a Rolla-Masta. Does that mean that our Rolla has been mastered? :p
  16. Welcome Rolla_Masta.

    The FZR is a top bike, saw me through my learning stage without any problems at all. :)
  17. You would have to ask Flipper about that :p
  18. Welcome! The FZR is a quick little one, and a cheap alternative to the CBR250RR if that's the sorta bike you're after. Unfortunately they're a little older now, and I'm yet to see or hear of one without a few mechanical problems. If you're handy though, you should be able to look after one. :)

    Good luck shopping!
  19. Yes, Rolla has been mastered ;)
    And welcome to the forums Rolla_masta :grin:

    Can we please stop calling rolla_masta rolla cause I'm getting confused too!! :p
  20. sorry didnt realise that there was already a member called rolla, rolla_masta is just a name i use on other forums so i thought i would use it on this one