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Hi all

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Pink Angel, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. Hi All,
    Seeing as I am a newbie, I thought I would pop in and introduce myself. I first came across Netrider at the motorcycle expo (last year!) and have finally decided to join. I had been a pillion for so long and eventually decided to actually ride. Once I tasted being a rider, I have never looked back since. Only problem is, I am still on "L"s. Been learning for over 12 months now (needed to extend the permit!) Now you might say that I am being lazy, but in actual fact, just terrified of going for the licence. :LOL:

    I live in the southern suburbs (Bentleigh) and ride a Yamaha (now stop laughing!) Work at Southbank and love riding anywhere.

    As for my nick, well yes, (I hear you guys groan) another female rider ! Seeing as Pink is my fav colour, I thought I would incorporate it into my name. As for angel, well, I think I would like to think I am although at times the halo slips a little!

    Well looking forward to meeting some of you and hope to catch up at a ride soon. Til then, take care.
  2. Hi Bridget , welcome to the forum . Would have posted sooner but couldn't see from the tears in my eyes when i noticed u said a yamaha. Yes , im kidding . Dont think of it as a test , think of it as another lesson and u will breeze through it . All the best and safe riding.
  3. should I be insulted? (i ride a yamaha :p)

    the licence test is really easy by the way (I actually enjoyed it and learnt a lot from). If there's anything you wanna know about the test, or if you want help preparing for it, just say the word

    always refreshing to see a girl on a bike!
  4. Gday Brigitte and welcome to the site. Just take the plunge and do the test and you will never look back. Groberts is a fellow member hear and I am sure he will hassle you to catch up with everyone at Southbank for a coffee night (Friday), as you work there.

  5. like they said, dont stress about the test. i honestly reckon the L test is harder. if you've been on the road for 12 months you'll do it with 2 hands behind your back, blindfolded and using the force to control the bike :wink:

    the sooner you get it over with, the better you'll feel. dont delay too long eh...
  6. Yiasoo.

    Be different and dont listen to the others.
    Stress out big time over your licence.

    Just kidding, enjoy :)
  7. G'day Brigitte and welcome.

    My guess, is that when you do go to do your P test you will be the most competent rider there. Nothing to fear, you don't over think going for a ride do you? So why over think the test, get in there, use your by the sounds of it well developed reactions on the bike and you'll pass it with flying colours.

    The worse that can happen is that you fail, and will do the test again. I decked the bike during the swerve test because I over thought it and tired to pre-empt it, second time around I just reacted and had no trouble at all.

    Its a very simple test and all the schools want you to pass. Go for it you have nothing to loose.

    Check out the partners page and look for MTA who give a discount to netrider members, and book your test in ASAP.
  8. hey welcome to the site .

    as far as your licesence goes ; I have sent you a PM

    as far as your name , hey dont worry about that , we have of late had a lot of young girls / women and new riders join up and you will just slip right in with all the others and know one will even know that you are new here .
    and yes , make sure you see the thread friday coffee in rides section up the top .
    cant miss coffee night , thats where you get to meet everyone .

    take car

    :D g'day bree
    wen u do decided and go for ur P's u will realise that ur learners were more difficult,so book it in ASAP.
    :p ENJOY
  10. Hey and Welcome Brigitte,

    Quit being a sissy, go get your license, then we'll see you down at coffee one night :p

    It really isn't a big deal, like they said.
  11. heya Brigitte and welcome
    don't worry too much about the yamahaha thang, i ride a tiny little one and I'm not too small, but at least it has two wheels ans gets me about. The 'p' thing is a breeze. I got mine two weeks ago and had been ridiing for almost three months to the day. Basically you spend heaps of time practicing the excercises and then its all over in a couple of minutes...then you get to chuck the 'l'plate!

    If I ever get a fri night off hope to make it to coffee :)
  12. Heya Brigitte,

    Welcome to the forum :applause:

    It's great here :shock: :D
    Have fun and stay safe :twisted:

    Lisa :twisted:
  13. Hey everyone,

    Thanks for the warm welcome and friendly advice. The confidence is soaring now, so it looks like I will be making an appointment first thing Monday morning. :D

    My deepest and humblest apologies to Androo, Echoball and all the Yamaha riders. My comments were actually directed at my bike meaning it's no R1, but hey, it is still a bike and I still love the feeling of riding it. My ambition is a big four (gulp). Having ridden them before (on private roads of course! lol), I cant go past the deep throaty sound they make.

    Thanks for the compliment Groberts, I like to think I am young but I have actually been driving for many years. Just need to add years to my riding ability now. :)

    Won't need to be talked into a coffee on a friday night either. Always love my coffee and a chat.
  14. Hello!! And welcome!!!

    BTW, those boys are VERY lucky and priveliged to have us girl riders around :shock: :wink: :LOL:

    :D :D :D
  15. :shock: :shock: \:D/

  16. =P~

  17. Hey Brigitte welcome to the site, i am over in south oakleigh (about 2kms up centre road from bentleigh) so if you wanna go for a ride just send me a pm and we can arrange something.
  18. Brigitte - Welcome to the site! As everyone has said don't fret too much about the license test. If you want to know what you are getting into: http://www.motorcycletraining.com.au/license.html. Essentially - can you swerve? stop? turn? if so you can pass. People do have mishaps on the day (like 'overthinking' the swerve) but other than that it is straight forward)
  19. Hi "Pink Angel" - welcome and hope to see you at coffee night.
    As another "female" rest assured that going for your license is a piece of cake.

    Hope to see you at coffee night.
  20. Thanks all once again for the welcome, looks like a very friendly place here. :)

    Sluglie, I will take you up on that offer. I am always up for a ride in good weather, especially in the summer. There is nothing better than a hot summer's night ride. *Oh bring on the summer* :D

    Boz, Thanks so much for that link. I had absolutely no idea of what they were going to test me for and it always helps to know what is going to be expected of you. :D

    Jo, I hope to make it for coffee this Friday. Just have to find out where and what time. :)