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Hi all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jamiekenny, May 14, 2016.

  1. Hi all, my name is Jamie, 26 years old. Originally from southwest England. Moved over to Sydney 3 years ago.

    Currently riding a Kawazaki Z1000.

    In order previous bike are;
    Sym jet 50cc
    Yamaha RD125LC
    Italjet Dragster 172cc
    Honda CB500E
    Suzuki SV1000S
    Honda CBR600RR
    Kawazaki Z1000

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  2. Welcome :)
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  3. welcome to the forum mate
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  4. Hi JamiekennyJamiekenny, welcome to NR. Very nice bike, and impressive collection of "exes" (y) Smart move to come to Aus, you can enjoy riding so much more! I used to live in Midlands for a while, but moved here in 2004, the best thing I ever did.
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  5. Welcome to NR
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  6. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. You have a nice bike.
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  7. gday JamiekennyJamiekenny welcome to NR! nice ride the Zthou, do you commute on it or is it just for weekend sport? a shame they stopped making the SV1000.
  8. welcome aboard :)
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  9. 'ello there geezer........welcome.
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  10. Aloha JamiekennyJamiekenny !

    That's a few bikes... Either you like variety or you crash too much ;)
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  11. Yea I commute on it but also like the fun at weekends.
  12. Just the progression of what I was aloud to ride at the time