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Hi all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by drkawasaki, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Hi all,
    I am a new member and a new rider too... Got that forum while googling about some safety tips. Really great job. Thank you.

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  2. Welcome to the forum drkawasaki, come down to Saturday morning practice in Elwood and meet some of the gang.
  3. I am 2 hour drive away from Elwood. But thanks anyways.
  4. Ok so perhaps not immediately then, get some more experience first. If you put your hand up in the Saturday thread you may get someone offer to escort you down. There are learner friendly rides that start all over Melbourne so if you keep an eye out there may be one which starts in your area.
  5. Welcome to NR...

  6. welcome aboard :)
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    Thank you.. Really got a lot of advices here.

    I am in Shepparton... I hope I can find someone to ride with nearby..,
  8. Bit of a ride in then, there are a few Shep members on the forum I know. Hopefully you can catch up with some.
  9. Gidday ... the doctor bit is a worry, mechanically (knowing kwaka's), trackwize (guess who) & all affirmations included :whistle: unless of course your the real thang ?
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  10. Let me say, If we go for a ride together and something happens to you I'll be confedently on top of it :)
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  11. Welcome to the forum.
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  12. Welcome :cool:
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  13. New rider here from shepp also.
  14. Welcome aboard. Which bike do you have?
  15. 2016 xvs650
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    Cheers mate :)

    Nice one... I'd like if we organise a group ride In Shep
  17. Welcome to Netrider Dr!