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Hi all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dadiaction, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. Another new member to the netrider community. At 45 yo, was looking at getting a bike & licence after deliberately avoiding it for many years, then met a woman who helped me take the plunge. Sadly she's moved on, but I'm grateful that she helped me take the plunge! Picked up a great low k's GS500F for a bloody great price, & get away whenever & to wherever I can! The bike's great, meeting heaps of new friends via Ulysses & general casual meetings on the road. My Prado doesn't see many k's these days- my escapes are now mostly on 2 wheels. I love it!

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  2. Hi DadiactionDadiaction, welcome to the forums and life on two wheels. You've got quite unusual intro to riding, sorry to hear your girl moved on, but hey, she left an amazing parting gift, and you will find your mate. I believe you know that bike riders, irrespective of gender, are hot ;) Great bike, enjoy riding and stay upright (y)
  3. Welcome along.
    Sounds like that lady showed you a good time and how to make it last longer.
    Many happy kms to you
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  4. Welcome to NR...
  5. Cheers- yep, a good gift she brought me, and time stands still for no-one. Thanks for your comments- you are spot on! And yeah, it is a great bike, & staying upright is rule number one! See you on the road!
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  6. Cheers
  7. Agreed, as fin metal says, many happy kms to you, and welcome to Netrider..
  8. Welcome to Netrider Dadiaction!
  9. welcome aboard :]
  10. Moved on or passed on?
  11. Welcome to netrider
  12. Moved on