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Hi all!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by davidk, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. I just joined Nitrider and thought I would say hello.
    I am about to get back into riding after many years away! I did a brief course last week to see how it felt and it felt good after all these years....
    This forum looks really good, it will be great to have somewhere where I can ask advice and read about other riders experiences.
    Cheers...talk soon!

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  2. Hello davidkdavidk, welcome to NR and back to life on two wheels. Once you tried riding, it is very hard to stay away from it. Bet it feels good once again to be free from the cage :)
  3. G'day Davidk, welcome to NR. You're right, the forum is a great place to share advice and experiences.
  4. Interesting accent you've got there... Nitrider.
    Anyway, welcome back and welcome here
  5. I just assumed he was a Kiwi ;)
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  6. Welcome David.
    There's a ride on tomorrow if you are interested.
    See the Sunday learners/new riders thread.
  7. Yeah, that was my first guess. But then there was my confusion due to the bloke from Auckland joining at the same time
  8. Welcome to NR...

    I presume you're without a bike at the moment. Come on down to the Saturday practice when you get a chance..
  9. oops! apologies.... I blame the typo on bloody predictive spelling!
    No bike yet but I ordered one yesterday =D=D=D
    In a couple of weeks I will be the proud owner of a Inazuma (odd name!) 250.
    I figured that it will be a safe and fun bike to get back into it....before I move up to something a little bigger.
    While I was at the dealer I bought a helmet...a RJays TSS Tourer Tech. I know they aren't the best but its comfy and I got it for a great price and it will do nicely to start with.
    So I now I need clothing etc...is there a forum here that discusses jackets, gloves, boots, pants etc?
    cheers and thanks for the great welcome everyone :]
  10. Thank you!...sounds good, whereabouts is it held?
  11. Welcome to the forum mate.
  12. St Kilda. Behind the BP servo. Check the thread out.
  13. I certainly will, thank you!
  14. Welcome.
    Love the avatar, classic game
  15. Thank you! Great game and great artwork :)
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