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Hi all!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Penguan, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. I'm looking to take the learner course this month some time and have signed up to have a look over the info available here - there is heaps to take in - and i've already learned a lot reading through some posts.

    I've wanted to get a motorcycle license for years and did get Ls a couple of years ago but couldnt afford a bike at the time, much regret about that now but hopefully second time lucky! I still don't have a bike yet, figure I'll leave that until I've got the Ls - I've always liked the naked style bikes (and the MT-07 looks great) but i might try and pick up a little 250 to start and look at upgrading after I'm comfortable.
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  2. Welcome Penguan, It will be a little cold in Ballarat this time of year so hopefully you have all your "warm" riding gear together. Heated hand grips may be worth an investment.
  3. Hello and welcome to NR neighbour. Good luck with getting your learner's and your bike. MT07 is terrific choice! Might see you on the roads one day :)
  4. welcome aboard :] 250s are a great way to learn and have fun
  5. Welcome to NR.
    Enjoy the return to the fold and good lick with your L s and the great fun of choosing a bike!
    Try eenie meenie minie mo when choosing worked for me...
  6. Thanks cjvfr! heated hand grips are a great suggestion - the mercury hasn't gone much past 10 in the last week and it has been freezing in the mornings with -2 to 3 degree starts.

    Thanks Fr33dm! MT07 is the dream at the moment but looking at a little 250 for now, maybe there'll be some 2nd hand MT07 when I'm ready and I can save a few bucks (can only hope!).

    Thanks jeffco!

    lol! i feel like I'm doing an enie meenie minie mo looking at all the bikes. So tempted for the new R3, but worried I'd drop it as soon as I left the bike shop! ha ha. I'm talking myself out of that given I've already picked my next bike and figure I should just get as cheap 2nd hand bike as i can (without it being a death trap).
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  7. G'day Penguan, welcome to NR.

    Especially at this time of year, and considering that you're at Ballarat, this is excellent advice! Good luck with getting your Ls and finding the right first bike.