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Hi All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Max Fielding, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. Hi All,
    I have just joined Netrider while researching my new BMW F700GS and found nzmike has exactly the same problem as me. Bike too tall and what to do about it. I had ridden the same bike in NZ for a couple of weeks, liked it and hastily bought one here not realising the NZ one was probably lowered.

    I also have an 1980 R100RS, 1995 K75 and 2003 F650CS and the new twin made the old ones a bit ordinary. The R100 and K75 are also a bit tall with me at 5' 8" and not so strong at 73.

    Netrider looks like a great place to exchange views on motorcycling.
    Thanks, Max
  2. welcome aboard max :]
  3. Welcome to NR ! Better get her lowered...
    73 .. I bow at your feet sir! :)
  4. Yeah welcome mate, whereabouts are you?
  5. I am in Canberra ACT.
  6. Welcome to the site Max, it sounds like you have Beemers well and truly in your blood
  7. Welcome to NR..

    A Nice list of bikes.
  8. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  9. Hi everyone, I was directed to this forum when I posted in the New Members area a couple of weeks ago, so here I am :)

    So this is the big week, L's day and test this Thursday, and just got home today from a trip to buy some gear!
    Went with a mate who rides and picked up some stuff from the local Peter Stevens -
    Shark Speed-R helmet
    Dri Rider Assen 2 gloves
    Dri Rider Air Ride 3 jacket
    RST Cargo jeans

    Pretty much hit right on my budget (minus boots) so pretty happy for first set of beginner gear.

    Hopefully all goes well this Thursday, I'll post another update after then :)

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  10. Hey Ladies and fellas on two wheels. So I just joined NR yesterday because I was interested in partaking in a Learner sessions at Homebusy this Sat and OzYoda suggested I say G'day, so here I am. I'm from Penrith and only had my l's since June, but I had my l's many years ago but they expired. At the time I had a Honda CBR250R Grey Import, but now I represent'n Kawa on a Ninja 300 SE. I've done a Stay upright Intermediate riders course at Eastern Creek and had an awesome day - I strongly recommend that any rider give it a go (always something to learn and its a good excuse to practice on a race track with good surface, no speed restrictions, and not have to worry about oncoming traffic). I have booked in for a few track days at SMSP (Eastern Creek) and level 1 & 2 at the California Superbike School in December also at SMSP *providing I pass my P's test next Monday. I'm loving being on the bike again and hope to connect with some other cool ladies and fella riders in the area, so feel free to drop me a line. Stay safe on the roads and remember to burn rubber not your soul... lol
  11. Welcome to NR Max FieldingMax Fielding
  12. Thanks KennY123 - where abouts are you from?
  13. hey guys, looking for riders in south west Sydney to ride with.
  14. I'm at Melbourne