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Hi all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Steamboi, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. and a big good evening to all..
    newbie to riding, have had my learners since sept this year, had an absolute ball on the 2 days training..
    looking at getting a bike soon, not fussed at all on type or brand (defiantly not a brand guy in anything lol).
    6'2" so would like something a bit larger, but as always the $$ comes into play..
    plenty of ideas for what to add to a bike for safety and front rear recording, for those drivers out there..

    I must say though, since obtaining my learners, ive become a lot more observant to riders out there..

    anyways, just a quick hello to all..

  2. Hi Philip, Welcome to the forum. Are you in Melbourne? Saturday morning practice is worthwhile once you have a bike.
  3. Hi Chris,
    hmm bike no, car yes..
    bike=sticking point with the brains of the outfit (not me)
    thinking of a variety of brands, ranging from the current chinese imports to a decent honda.
    not really fussed on the branding just something that will fit me and do what i want it to do, like not fall over with me on it oh thats right i'm in control..
    could i ask where the sat practice is?
    just tried to find a ref to it before..
  4. I think this is the one - here but I'm not 100% sure as I'm in Sydney.
    This one is for Sydney.
    Is there a style of bike you're after? or not fussed on that either?
  5. Yes InvalidUser has the right link. It happens every Saturday in Elwood/St Kilda. You are welcome to come down before you get your bike there is a wealth of knowledge on different bike options for learners and you can talk to some of the owners of various types etc. To check bike sizes etc for your body size try http://cycle-ergo.com/

    Not to convinced that the Chinese bikes are worth it yet, the build quality and consistency is variable. They haven't been in the market long enough to know what their longevity is like.
  6. Welcome aboard :]
  7. Hi cjvfr..
    thanks for the advice.. will look into dropping on past one sat morning in the new year.. and that site, fantastic..
    it should be a mandatory addition to vic roads upon getting your learners..
  8. thanks Jeffco
  9. Welcome Phil....

    Get the CBR500... cost a bit more, but worth it in my opinion.

    You won't grow out of it that quickly, and the resale value should stay good.

    Should you need parts, I'm pretty sure the MRP levels at all the stores should be good too ;)
  10. Mr EdwardVH..
    may MRP max and safety holdings be forever you cross to bear being the Equip. Man. for FMOCR TMS, Parcels and Vanderland.
    Until such time as i get the perm A06, i think one of Mr Fisher's petrol mod jobs will be mine..
    thanks Buddy its what im working towards but $$ plays a big role right now..
    the spa is more important im told..
  11. What's the budget?
  12. for the spa.. 5k maybe a shade more with my time on wiring in the 4mm from the fuse box..

    oh the bike.. thinking again 5K, plus leathers, helmet and boots.
  13. Welcome to the forum mate!