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Hi all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ze German, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I've been riding a few years now and have always heard about Netriders and have checked out various forum posts etc over the years.
    I've finally decided i should join and involve myself in some of the conversations etc.
    Recently got a new bike Yammy MT-09 and have stated a Utube channel to Vlog on etc.
    Twitchelandzegerman on Youtube
    Ze German on the book of faces.

    Hopefully meet so of you fellas as travels and rides come.
  2. Still crowing over that close win against Brazil?

    Welcome German bloke
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  3. Best morning ever! totally worth the early ride to work to watch it on the projector in the office :) haha
  4. Velcome Ze German.
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  5. Hi Zgm. Welcome.

    Nice helmet.

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  6. Welcome aboard and in the immortal words of Sgt Schultz "I know nothing":]
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  7. G'day, welcome aboard.
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  8. Willkommen in der Irrenanstalt! :wacky:
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  9. The only German I know is shlingen hunden (sorry about the spelling). A mate taught me that about a thousand years ago when I travelled over there. He said it might come in useful.

    Were you saying that to the Brazllians today? I think I heard some Germans in the crowd saying it haha.

    Welcome to the forummm.
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