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Hi All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by crazymonkey, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Newbie rider in Brisbane here.
    Being reading up on the tips threads for awhile now, hopefully I'll get some time to chit chat too.

  2. Welcome to NR fellow member from Brisbane and rider of a Ninja 250r.

    You'll find heaps of info here and people to answer your questions.
  3. Welcome to NR!

    How yo liking the Ninja?
  4. Been riding it almost a year now, every work day, only took the bus if rained really bad.
    I think I made the right choice starting with a 250, I'm not an aggressive (for lack of a better word, doing over time at work, so can't think straight) rider, and still managed to encounter slipping of the tail, locked rear, weird moments when I had the chance to lean really low (maybe that survival thinking kicked in), silly gear change mistakes.
    Still havnt had a chance to goto the twisties, but I've learned a lot and gain a lot of confidence.

    Its good learning platform, but I would definitely upgrade to a bigger bike, as I find it abit too ... unstable...like driving a small car compared to a bigger car, you can feel it, the minor disturbances from the road/elements/inputs.
    Or so I've read anyway, and in theory with bigger tires and heavier curb weight it should make for a better commute.
  5. careful in the twistys mate its a whole different skill set, learn to ride your bike well its capable, enjoy that's what they are made for, upgrade when you can throw it around like a 3 foot midget transvestite
  6. oh I forgot are you hot?
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  7. Couldn't of explained my thoughts on the Ninja 250r any better.
    I've experienced everything you have with my Ninja though difference being I've started to become a bit more aggressive with my riding the more I ride. But not in a bad way.
  8. Welcome to Nutrider! :)
  9. its the internet, isnt everyone super hot ! :p
    and yes I will definite take it easy on the twisties, and I will only go with a friend as its fairly far away, too boring by myself. :singing:
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