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Hi all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by malmac, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Hi all my name is Mal and currently reside in the South East subs of Melbourne. I've been slack having joined net rider back in the first week of March but "oops" forgot to introduce myself in the welcome lounge until now, reminded only by the little message box on my screen. I stumbled across this site whilst web surfing and impressed by the community that exists here. I have already been on two rides organised on net rider "The Chocolate Run" and "The Black Dog Ride" and many more to come.
    My motorcycle passion started at age 9 when I rode for the first time, legally on a farm I may add and has continued on ever since. There is just nothing quite like riding, which some people just don't get. Started riding road trail bikes and progressed to road bikes not long after I got my full license some years ago now and I have not looked back, just love riding and the freedom it offers.
    Anyway hope to meet many of you on ride days in the not to distant future or through chat. ;-)

  2. Welcome :) As you probably know, both those rides were led by our own @GreyBM@GreyBM aka Papa Smurf.
    If you want to meet lots of net riders, head down to the Saturday sessions. Not just for learners...
  3. Thanks Grey Dog yeah Grey BM does a great job leading and organising these rides I dont know him well enough yet to be cheeky and call him Papa Smurf. In fact I had seen you guys all heading off on the ride on Sunday as I was waiting on the corner of cardina rd & princess hwy pakenham whilst on my CBR1100, would have loved to join but family commitments and chores at home, another great ride organised by Dave. Glad to hear everyone is okay after the few incidents on the Sunday ride. Saturday morning sessions are out for me unfortunately otherwise be there with bells on! See you hopefully on the next ride and pretty sure we met at the service station before the chocolate run, I was on an old ZZR600. Regards Mal
  4. what time will you have to peel of from the TMB tmoz
    Imay come for breakfast only have to be back in brassy by 10:30 - 11:00am
  5. G'day @malmac@malmac. Welcome to Nutrider!

    So... Who is going to ask "the question"? I've had to ask it a lot lately, so it surely must be someone else's turn by now. Especially since I've had to represent the ladies, who seem to be reluctant to ask "the question"... :p
  6. Welcome aboard mate and in keeping with tradition am I hot
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  7. Oh wait that should be are you hot
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  8. Please ignore my previous post lol
    Too hard to use this on iPhone :)

    And while I am here welcome to NR
  9. Welcome! Although you seem well ingrained already :)
    @NickVT400@NickVT400 - was that per chance for me re tomorrow ?? He he :wacky: answer is about 11 ;)
  10. Welcome Mal,
    we may have met on the chocolate run.
    Have fun out there. See you on a ride soon.
  11. What is this Chocolate run you speak of? .. sounds like a sweet ride :D

    Welcome Mal (y)
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    Thanks Danny TB for your welcome. Should I ask what the question is? Maybe I need to catch up on some of your past posts LOL. Hopefully see you out on the road some time.

    Hi Jeffco - Answer Hot - Well it is 32 C in Melbourne.
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    Thanks Nick I hope you enjoyed your ride this morning

    Thanks Kellieeclipse! Hope you enjoyed your catch up this morning if the message was for yourself.

    Hi Stever42 Yes we did meet on the Chocolate run, great ride it was too as I have not ventured out that much on the west of Melb so great to do some different roads. Hope to do more rides shortly and hopefully we catch up again soon.
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  14. Sun was shining and I stayed on! Couldn't ask for better.
    Off to work though now. :(
  15. Hi MadAzz300 The chocolate run was a great ride west of Melbourne with the main destination a chocolate mill (shop-cafe)at Mt Franklin. You can read more here about the ride here on net rider https://netrider.net.au/threads/chocolate-run-sunday-9-march-2014.178138/. Thanks so much for your welcome and enjoy riding around the Blue Mountains and beyond!
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  16. You've answered it. You didn't get all narky like someone else did recently, so you've passed your initiation test! :D
  17. Cant believe someone would get narky, nothing like a sense of humor which they didn't see coming. Hey glad I passed the initiation, cheers danny_tb. 8)
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