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Hi all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bugsoz, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. I am in Sydney and would like to say hi! Recently got back to riding and getting the license etc.

    Hope to drop by the learner practice one day and make some friends!

  2. Yo bugsoz

    You are MOST welcome to join the training session.

    Where in Sydney are you based and what do you ride?
  3. Thanks GeorgeO I am in the city and ride a cbr500r. Still getting used to it and busy with bike's cosmetic :)
  4. welcome mate!

    Thats quite a nice bike you have there. If you ever want to go for a ride im down in the eastern suburbs and still an Ls rider too!

    Post a photo of your bling later on when you get it done
  5. welcome :)
  6. Welcome along, bugs
  7. Thanks Fin, Jeffco and Tanoz.

    @Tanoz, not too much bling, just added an exhaust so far :) What is your ride? Will give you a holler if planning anything, only going around town at the moment lol
  8. Hey bugsoz, welcome to NR. The learner sessions are great value. Doing them will greatly assist your confidence.
  9. Welcome bugs :)
  10. Riding a fz6r atm and yeh no worries
  11. Thanks dparker and tiga. I was reading about your wollombi ride, sounds very good!