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Hi all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by caz64, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Just another newbie here. Finished my stayupright course yesterday (yep on good old aus. day!). This week hope to get my Ls....but they will be useless until I find a bike. Am wondering if there are any learners days down in the highlands at all, like at homebush?

  2. hi Carolyn, welcome to NR. Good luck with the L's.

    To answer you question, I don't think so (unless it's secret squirrel!).

  3. Pity lol
    Its just I don't fancy riding to Homebush...especially when Im a novice :)
  4. If you post up where you are I'm sure someone will offer to ride with you, or provide some local assistance. From what I've seen here everyone is super helpful.

    And welcome to NR, congrats on finishing your course.
  5. I have my other half who rides...but you know what they say about teaching spouses or family :)...I am in Moss Vale and know a few people who ride....
    Yes sorry for the late introduction ;)

  6. Well she did just create a welcome thread so I didn't have the opportunity to welcome her earlier.
  7. as I said....ooops sorry

    I should have explained myself as in newbie...meaning newbie rider. I have posted on this site previously but not about getting my Ls.....sorry if I have confused people.
  8. Don't be sorry.

    I really shouldn't be on here today, I should be out on my bike.... But it's too hot for a latte.
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  10. Please post a small introduction in the welcome forums. It is a common courtesy otherwise your posts may be removed or thread locked (most likely locked).

    I only just read the above and thought I would post a hello as I hadn't introduced myself before.
  11. Maybe the thread will be moved again :D
  12. Yeah see that....:D

  13. oh LOL well picked up Justus. Didn't look at the "join date". Maybe I should wear my spectacles more......

    But it was in the welcome thread...........
  14. gees you make it hard to keep up lol :confused:
  15. Thats netrider :)
  16. mmmm not yet lol
  17. Struth, why do I feel like I'm caught in a revolving door ?
  18. Welcome fellow highlands rider, there are no organised L's practices around here that i am aware of.
    when my wife and i were practising for the test, we headed out braemer way to the industrial areas near bunnings on weekends, and marked out the course and did our own practice.
    There is also this group on facebook with some local riders who are friendly and may be able to help