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Hi all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by swanie1975, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. Hello to everyone,

    I'm returning to riding after too many years off and am rediscovering the fun of being out and about on a bike ( my wife is calling it a mid-life crisis lol).

    Most of my experience was on on four stroke road/trail bikes but I did a refresher course and spent the day on a yamaha fz8 and I had a blast.

    I've now test ridden a fz6 and a fz1 and it's taken a while to get the smile off my face! More sedate riding style these days but still like to give it a squirt now and then.

    Look forward to picking others brains and hopefully contributing something useful where I can.

    Cheers Ryan
  2. Hello and welcome, nothing wrong with a mid-life crisis :)
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  3. Welcome back mate.

    Love the Mid-life-Crises approach. My wife thinks bikes are just a passing fad..... :ROFLMAO:
    Lasted 35 years so far...
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  4. Plenty of options available near to the Gold Coast for any type of riding. I think you should get two bikes.
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  5. No , he needs 3 at least - dirt bike for off road fun in the forest / bush , sports bike for the tarmac twisty's / track days , cruiser for leisurely cafe / coast runs !!

    Welcome to NR !
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  6. welcome to nr, my midlife crisis started 5 years ago,still got it lol
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  7. Now I've convinced the wife this is happening I've been out for a couple test rides on a couple more dual purpose bikes such as the aprila 650 and while it was easy to ride, it kinda had that big thumps agricultural feel to it.

    Today I rode a well used honda transalp and while it wouldn't set the world on fire and the suspension was a bit mushy it was a load smoother engine and enjoyable to ride with no real top-heavy feel to it.

    Has anyone got any experiences with the suzuki 650 vstrom they could share with me?

    Cheers Ryan
  8. mate there's few people that wont praise the strom!! everyone reckons they're a great bike, take one for a spin and see if it tickles your fancy, nuthin to lose!!
  9. Unfortunately V-strom is not currently lams approved though I vaguely recall reading somewhere that Suzuki is meant to be bringing a lams version in soon .
  10. Sorry , just re-read your OP . My mistake , you're not needing a lams bike.
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  11. Just got the new 650 Vstom, fantastic ride getting better every week. It feels more like an 800 than 650. Heaps of torque, zero vibration and the seat is great. I'm 181cm and 90kg's and this bike fits me, might not fit you but try before you buy. Good Luck!
  12. Welcome to the growing number of Mid Life Crisis Bikers! (MLC rules!)
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  13. Thanks for the replies, I did test ride a vstrom and liked the bike but couldn't sort a buffeting issue with it so I didn't buy that one. After a couple of trail rides on borrowed bikes I ended up going in a different direction ( as ya do) and bought a honda cbf1000.

    Not that many of them about but am loving the bike and with over 2000kms now and am starting to get a feel for it.
    Rain or shine I commute during the week and have a play on the weekend ( if not fishing or toddler taming).

    Cheers Ryan
  14. Welcome to the CBF1000 club - I bought one on the Gold Coast in January.

    There aren't many of them about - according to the CBF1000 forum (www.cbf1000.com - I'm sure you've found it) there were only 400 imported into Australia. They were only on showroom floors for about a year. Apparently now Honda have decided to discontinue the Mk2 version worldwide :(.
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  15. Welcome to Nutrider!

    I think my mid-life crisis started when I was about 25, and it's still going strong 12 years later. I didn't start riding bikes until 2010, so perhaps my midlife crisis is only getting stronger...

    Is anyone going to ask the initiation question?
  16. Welcome to NR mate..
    So you will be getting a Cruiser ? BMW or Honda Gold Wing ?
    Only Joking.... welcome to the mid life crisis club :)
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  17. Hi and welcome. My MLC started in January this year :)!
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  18. @PossumBob@PossumBob - did you buy the black low kms cbf from the crowd in nerang? I was too slow on that one and ended buying mine from down nsw.

    I've done just over 4000kms now and have hit 12k total on the bike so I did the service myself. Only thing I'm not liking is the chain lubing so I might look into an oiler. Excellent for commuting and still very strong for a weekend blast. Loving the cooler weather now and am actually wearing my gear without sweating my ring out, even turned on the heated grips the other morning lol- must be getting soft.

    Cheers Ryan
  19. LOL @ the MLC (i'm in denial). Enjoy getting back into it!
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  20. Welcome back to riding...

    Similar story here as well... Used to love bikes back home and then moved to Australia... Didn't ride for many years (life happened, wife, kids etc) whilst bikes were always on my mind and then finally got one...

    Only regret...should have got it sooner... But hey, better late than never. :)
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