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Hi all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Donbazzil, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. I've just gotten myself another motorcycle after a long hiatus.
    I am now on an sfv650 and loving it.
    My girlfriend and I are planning on joining you guys on a few rideouts. The only thing that we are waiting on is for her to find a decent LAMS bike.

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  2. Welcome fellow Brisbanian! My LAMS was a Ninja 250R which was good to me, partner had a CBR250R that was good to him! My other friend loved her little Virago! So many choices! Do you know what style she likes?
  3. Hello! It's me! Girlfriend! I am totally a fan of sports tourers. I cannot WAIT to get on the road! Hello to you too, Brisbanian - do they do many rides in Brisbane?
  4. Welcome Welcome :joyful: so something like a Hyosung GT650s? I'm sure other's will pipe in soon with more knowledge of them than I!
    I personally haven't been on any with the peops from this site, but I am relatively new also. I know Brissy Riders Club post rides etc, there is a couple day wait to get approved for the site though, also a club I joined when I got my RE's is Brisbane Newbies and seasoned riders, they do specific learner rides and that, have Rider Instructors in the group as well.
  5. Welcome!
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  6. I wouldn't mind knowing about the Brissy Riders Club!
  7. Hello and welcome to both of you :)
  8. Oh my god! A two-for-one!

    Are you (both of you) hot?

    Edit: Avatar images don't count as photo's do they?
  9. Welcome... how about a Suzuki TU250X? Great reliable bike, good on fuel, you can throw it round the corners, and people think it's a classic 500 :p
  10. Hello and welcome!
  11. just google Brissy Riders Club and it should come up, you have to make a login and wait a couple days to be approved. Once you make 5 posts in the newbie forum you can see the ride days and such :)
  12. Hot as it gets.
    Lisa has found a 400 Bandit that she likes, it's not not on the LAMS list but she's doing her thing and attempting to make the transport department see things her way.
  13. welcome to both of you, as long as she has a bike that SHE enjoys riding , help the girl along :) lots of reading on this site for new riders, big suggestion, do some reading.
  14. Welcome to NR
  15. [​IMG]

    Just picked it up today
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  16. It makes the loud Vrooom Vrooom noise.
  17. That's encouraging. :)
  18. She looks lovely!! I just got the tu250x today. Just waiting for it to arrive now from sydney :(
  19. welcome aboard :]