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Hi All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bebopper71, May 1, 2013.

  1. Hi all I am a newish / returning rider after many years like 20 :) thought I would join and maybe make a few connections

  2. Hi Bebopper, where do you hail from?
  3. Hey Beno I am out ballarat way :)
  4. Hey and welcome
    I'm from Ballarat. Yell out if you want someone to ride with.
    Are you going on the chocolate mill ride this Sunday?
  5. Hey Jay be great to do a few rides with folk close by though you might have to do some waiting for me if your on an M109 I am riding a little 250 venox for now .. As for the chocolate mill is there a group going from Ballarat or even Clunes that you know of ? might see if I can get away from home life and join you guys :)
  6. Dunno, ill be going down to Bacchus marsh. You fancy joining up? Let me know
    Going to be a fresh morning I think :)
  7. what time are you thinking of leaving Jay Ballarat that is
  8. I think it's a 10am start from Bacchus Marsh so maybe 0845 ish
    Have a chat and top up before we leave
  9. Hey Jay sounds like a plan will shoot you a pm with my number :)
  10. welcome to NR, headsup on baccus meet, departure from baccus is 10, you'd wanna be fuelled up and ready to go by that time, theres a 'chat/ride brief' about 9:45ish. just a thought folks, stay safe and if it is gonna be fresh, rug up, best to have too much on then not enough :)
  11. thanks goddie will try and get there before 10 :)