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Hi all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by liquidshade, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Route?

    7.6km, 8mins is not a route.........

    Although 18.3km, 18mins is technically longer.............it is still not a route.....


    Given where you've indicated - this looks like a nice reconnaissance loop

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  2. Both the Wildwood and the Blackwood Tretham run are good ones. Bitsar's route is a good one to try.

    There are routes out to the west through the Brisbane ranges, and up around Daylesford, across to North West Mt Macedon etc
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  3. http://goo.gl/maps/7K2Mm

    We did something like this last year, but you can head back in without doing the lop via Kinglake (we ended up in Ringwood).

    Blackwood / Trentham area is nice. Google Turnips Falls - nice place to stop for lunch, but there is
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  4. The east has more twisty roads but there are a few fun places to go in the west. I have ridden a lot around the areas mentioned in this thread and people have made some good suggestions. You could:

    - ride up Mt Macedon
    - Yea > Flowerdale > Strath Creek > Broadford
    - Kinglake is further east but an easy afternoon trip from the West so you could do Whittlesea to Kinglake for example
    - Woodend > Romsey > Wallan
    - Daylesford or Hepburn Springs. Roads aren't really twisty but it's a nice ride plus you can go for a spa :)

    I think just get on your bike and ride around. If you're new to riding then even without twisty roads it's nice just cruising along in the country.
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  5. Kinglake West up to Flowerdale, Strath Creek and on to Broadford is a nice ride. I still haven't found a great return route though.
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  6. How far west are you prepared to go?

    There are some nice roads around this area..


    Although the GOR is better attempted on a week-day and/or (very) early in the morning..
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  7. Annandale Rd is (very) short but sweet, if you're ever near AMX keilor.
  8. Just moved to Tarneit and was wondering the same thing!! Brisbane ranges and the GOR have been the two most highly recommended so far...

    I'm also wondering how many riders on here live around this side. I see a lot of bikes in the area and hear quite a few too...
  9. That look like a cracker loop Gundy................maybe you should lead a ride :D
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  10. This is the kind of thing I've been doing.
    Can easily be extended East or West or depending on how much time you have or where you want to end up.
  11. Yeah Brisbane Ranges is good, go from Bachus Marsh and explore the roads to the West and North-West. Glenmore road is pretty good.
  12. Agreed, I'd come on that ride for sure. ;)
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  13. It was actually @Dionikon and @trd2000 who introduced me to the joys of that area a few weeks ago... Good times.. :) and yep, I'd love to go back. As far as leading goes, well, I could do I suppose, but I usually prefer to mosie along near the back of the pack and enjoy the views ... most of the time anyway :)
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  14. Unfortunately the roads in the west are crap,you have to travel at
    least 50ks to find some kind of excitement,too many straights crap crap crap.
    Woodend thru Trentham then Daylesford is 20 minutes of excitment
    Or you can travel 80ks to Geelong then a another 40 -50ks to gor
    Better off going Nth East-East to SE,areas.
    Long time western suburbs regretful publican.
  15. I think you have to go further for good roads in the west... but its nice to go somewhere different every now and then.
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  16. Agreed - heading east into the Hills is easy - but can get a little bit "samey"

    I'm happy to stick the earphones in and slab it to Torquey for some GOR fun anytime......