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Hi all !

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by totesnotcrisis, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. just introducing myself

    i'm totes not crisis....i've been riding for what seems like forever and i'm mind numbingly good looking.... so....Hi everyone :]

    oh...and i heard that twat 87crisis was temp banhammered...possibly for longer considering him trying to make up stupidly obvious new account...or though i'm unsure as to how that would be breaking the rules again but time will tell...

    anyway....just wanted to say....LOL & i shoulda seen it coming ....i love bourbon & i regret nothing !!!!
  2. but are you hot?
  3. oh i'm known to arouse people with my look's...some would say i'm hot...
  4. Self confessed "numbingly good looking" You must be a looker, totesnotcrisis! :stir::thumbup:
  5. You're into asking guys if they're hot?

    That lack of nicotine must be affecting you in ways other than the expected.... 8-[

    (only b/c there's a Mrs Gobberwart, not b/c being gay is an issue)
  6. Nothing suss.
  7. bah stop reading so much into it...it's only fair he asks me if i'm hot as i'm a newbie

    i would've done the same if i seen another new person post up a welcome thread....just sayin'
  8. No I'm just getting in first before 87crisis does. Oh wait :)

    I was going to throw in a gag about an alternative name for a cigarette, but that may not be entirely welcome, so I'll leave it to your imagination.
  9. probably a good move, i've heard the moderators here are pretty trigger happy with their ban-hammer's.
  10. It was a joke...sheesh.
  11. i am hungover - comprehension skills aren't exactly amazing right now
  12. Oh.. wow.. theres a feeling i recognize.. like.. from every second post..

    oh.. sorry.. im being childish again.. :applause: