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Hi all !

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 87crisis, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Long time lurker 1,138th time poster...just saying hi to everyone here...I hope to make some new friends and meet some HOT chicks (no fat chicks)

    Anyway....I'm getting along in time and have questioned getting rid of my zzr for awhile now...but the one thing I can't seem to figure out is what bike I want next....I originally thought I'd jump straight to a zxr250 as I love the old 250's and th ey are cheaper than the following options but most on offer are in pretty crappy condition or would immediately have me telling them they're dreaming considering how much they want for it....

    ...the second option ...there is one specific one I have in mind for 8.9k is a Rvf 400 with tyga body kit....I have always admired the rvf's and old bikes in general but that gloss black tyga kit just looks tits IMHO

    Bt then I was thinking if I'm gonna cough up that much money why not get a new 650rl ninja or similar...but although have the potential for more power...I want to enjoy the full capabilities of a bike....even if I find that out moments before binning it into a tree - totally worth it. Regardless of which one I get it's gonna hurt my rich boy inheritance pocket (not really I'm just greedy) so I want to get a bike that I can hold onto and be content with for the longest

    ....I know most of you will say I can derestrict the 650 but I'm not power hungry...just craving abit more power th an the sluggish ol zzr

    Should I go for the boy racer dream and get the Rvf......the little cheaper pocket rocket zxr.....or the cliche upgrade too the 650rl?
  2. If it's purely for a toy consider a Cagiva Mito or Aprilia RS125. You could even consider an RS250 if the smaller 2 smokes don't seem quite insane enough.

    RVF400s are way, way too expensive for what they are. After all a brand new CB400 doesn't cost a great deal more, and is just as technically complex. In fact you could always consider buying a CB400, then just pick up a fairing kit from overseas, ie
  3. Ok prob should have clarified there...2 smokers I don't desire as balls out as they are...and I think the rs250s aren't lams in nsw to memory anyway...or maybe that's the Rgv250 ....and you close to the mark with the faired cb....I do want a Fully faired bike it never used to bother me that much about what bike I'd ride but I've grown used to the look and feel of a fully faired bike after the gpx n zzr ....the Rvf tyga kitted bikes look similar to Cbr 1000's from what I've seen...but I completely agree about them being overpriced - the question is would it be fair to expect them to hold their value better than other bikes a few years down the track
  4. Ahh, didn't realise you were still under LAMs (thought you might have just been happy sticking to smaller bikes). Not sure on the resale value of RVFs since although they're always advertised for high prices - they also seem to be advertised for very long periods of time sometimes as well. Makes me wonder how many sell for a lot less than their advertised price.

    The new CBR250 (and to some extent also the Hyo GTR250) already seem to be ending the days of people paying 6k+ for a CBR250RR, and if Honda does bring a CBR500RR here I daresay something similar will happen with the RVF. You also have to factor in the potential cost of sourcing hard to find parts, doesn't mean much if it's worth 1k more in 12 months if you've spent 1.5k fixing it ;).

    Edit: You could also look at one of the less popular grey import 400s. For example, I know the ZZR400 is approved for import to Australia, though not sure how common they are or if they're actually on the LAMs list (should definitely be under the power/weight limit though). Same power as the RVF400, though being a 4-cylinder has more in common with the ZZR600 than the ZZR250.
  5. Yeah I saw a zzr 400 up for sale a couple months back but couldn't justify the trip to south Australia to pick up a bike after the fiasco of traveling to qld to buy a ute for 6.5k only to get defected like a mofo hours into being back in nsw....I blame her luck as she was driving.....you do bring out a good point though regarding Honda bringing out the 500 in the future but I still think it'll be a few years into things before that'll affect the prices of rvf's as they seem to be more of a specialist world of their own ...aaaandnow I'm in pain....don't argue with the ms's when aunt flo is visiting....isn't good for the boys down below....I hate Xbox controllers.....Back on point tho I never really took notice OAS to how they stayed on the market previously so you do raise a good point there
  6. Love the sound of my zxr up in the rev range, good fun for what it is. What about new Ninja300?
  7. Nup refuse to buy new bikes...I've no desire to endure the painful run in stage of babying a bike...checking out a zzr tomorrow...friggin auto correct ...zxr
  8. The ZXR isn't a bad bike, although I always get it confused with the FZR (I've ridden both and there's stuff all difference between them). Might seem slower off the mark than the ZZR, which has lower gearing - but the (slight) increase in power starts to become (slightly) noticeable once you get into 100kph+ territory.

    Of course the P-4 250s do sound a hell of a lot better. Although the firing order of the ZZR is better for useability, it does make it sound like a tractor.

    Good luck with it. :)
  9. Lol my zzr felt slower off the line compared to my old gpx, but i've long since grown used to that - i found comfort in the bigger wheels and bulkier feel of the zzr as i felt far more planted and sturdy than i did on the gpx...mind you the gpx was just this balls out fun type of feeling...yes i know they run the same engines but they felt suprisingly different

    i am pumped for the idea of the zxr, talked about wanting one on and off for awhile and granted the one i'll be looking at has some horrid stickers on it i have a mate whom does graphics work for automotive stuff and has offered to fix it all up for $50 area

    only thing is getting used to the single muffler...i love the twin cans (><)

    regardless thankyou for your well wishes, i'll be testing it out on my local suburb-built-like-racetrack strip so will get a good feel for it and the owner is riding it out to me so i should be able to pick up on any gremlins that appear once the bikes heated up when i get my hands on it
  10. Slightly taller gearing on the ZZR - but fairly sure the gearing on a ZXR is taller again (assuming standard sprocket ratios of course).

    Most of the P-4 250s were geared for a maximum of 180kph (the Japanese limit), whereas the ZZR was geared for a top around the 165-170 mark. GPX is geared for a top around 150 (though the inaccuracy of the speedo does lead a lot of people to mistakingly believe they've cracked 170kph on one).

    GPX is certainly the pick of the bunch for low-speed city work, but you should find the ZXR a lot more fun out on the open road. Just be sure to check when the front suspension was last serviced (fork oil and checking the length of the springs). Neglected suspension (and brakes) is usually the biggest problem with older grey imports and has a big influence on the performance of the bike.
  11. Keep us updated on how you go.
  12. Purchased bike....upside down forks are going to be painful to get used to....will be my side toy whilst I attack it And customize it to my liking....zxrs really are touchy little beasts....will post thread with pics and a few questions tomorrow....like why am I so stupid to buy a bike without checking the fuel tank for signs of rust (of which there is plenty) so will need to attack the tank
  13. Too bad about the tank but otherwise is ok?

    Can't wait to see it (and then buy a bike that'll keep up :rofl:)
  14. How bad is tank? Have a spare one if you're interested.
  15. grabbed a similar kit earlier today when i dropped into pick up handlebar grips ...not looking forward to going through all that effort being mechanically retarded as i am but such is life
  16. Just follow the directions and take your time.
    And don't mistake your beer for any of the kit contents. :LOL:
  17. around the top lip of the tank (just inside the cap) is fairly rusted...you can also see signs of dodgy paint work with abit leaking inside the tank cap when ol' mate had the bike painted but shining a light inside it earlier today the interior didn't seem in too bad of a condition really so hopefully that kit i got solves the problem

    and i'd jump at a new tank without a second thought if this bike didn't have quite a well done pearl white paint job on it (with the exceptions of the paint just on the inside of the fuel tank cap obviously.)