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Hi All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Nocturne, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Well, the notices suggested that i do this so i might as well follow suit!

    I'm from Southern Syd and booked in for my Stay Upright Course in September. Been wanting a motorbike since i was a kid, and finally at 22 i've decided i think i'm mature enough to finally handle one.

    Will be looking to get a bike within a couple months of acquiring my L's once something i like comes up at a reasonable price. So far i'm really liking the Honda VTR or CB250's as i quite like naked bikes.

    Really i'm open to anything thats reliable etc as i will want it to last at least 3 years for when i'm on my opens and can get something bigger if it takes my fancy (thinking max 600 or so).

    Anyway, thats all about me and i look forward to perusing the forum some more!
  2. Welcome!

    On the topic of being mature enough to handle a motorbike, just be prepared for the fact that a nice bike will bring out the inner child in all of us ;)

    Have fun and safe riding!
  3. Welcome to NR. (y)

    +1 to what the_blacke wrote above. :)
  4. Welcome to Netrider, and to the joys of two wheels on the road. Browse, digest and when you get the bike, head on over to the Learner's sessions at Homebush; the boys and girls out there do a FANTASTIC job of helping new riders hone their survival skills :).
  5. Welcome to NR :)

    A reliable bike? A Suzuki Across (GSX250F) is pretty reliable...I have had mine for 5 years. Still going strong, aiming for 10000km without opening up the engine!

    Good luck with the test and finding a bike. Enjoy it!
  6. Thanks all :)

    I'm a car fanatic as it is so i can only imagine i will end up exactly the same with the bike. Too much money spent but everytime i drive it i'm giddy like a child!

    I plan on doing a course once i've got my L's and a bike so that way i can get some great experience and better understanding of the bike i'm on etc :D
  7. lo bloke
  8. Hi Nocturne, i have a VTR250 and i still enjoy going on a ride on it even though i have my full license and i also have a GSXR750. They are easy bike to ride especially for you riding test. They are comfy for long rides as i often ride up from the gong up through bulli to the seacliff bridge and through the nasho to my mates place at cronulla then we head back down south the same way then down to Jamberoo and so on. They are a great fun bike and are dosile enough to put around in traffic. i use mine to commute to work alot. Just get out there when you get through your course and enjoy it. Stay upright and take it easy and it will all fall into place. Welcome to the madhouse and enjoy the fun...
    Kurnell Sanders
  9. Hello friends...
    I am very happy to join this community, I always select some good community for sharing and getting some latest and related information about this forum. Here every member share some good information so I like to read and participate in this forum.
  10. Dont sell yourself short.. start your own thread :)
  11. Awesome, thats what i want to hear! Reinforces my desire for one for sure!

    Based on your name i think we live in the exact same suburb too!
  12. Hi Nocturne,
    I lived there in Dampier st for so many years but moved a couple of years ago. If you strike out finding a VTR let me know i may think about selling mine.As discussed i still enjoy riding it so i'm not overly fussed but it may go towards an upgrade to another new bike. If you have any other questions about anything let me know and when you're ready to ride give me a yell. My best mate still lives in cronulla so i often head up there to wake him up for early breaky at cronulla then head off for a ride.
    Kurnell Sanders
  13. Awesome, thanks - I'll definitely be keen for a ride once i've got myself sorted. I'd definitely feel more comfortable riding with someone experienced so i can hopefully pick up some tricks/knowledge along the way.

    I found a beautiful 99 VTR on BikeSales that was in Newtown. Looked in great condition etc from the pics so i contacted the seller and it had just recently been sold :(

    I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for any that come up. I've been looking at other bikes more and more, but nothing really has the same appeal that the VTR does to me
  14. Welcome aboard. :)
  15. They are a popular bike but pop up from time to time. I bought mine from a little shop at Kirawee next to the Ford dealership. Riding with someone else is always good when you're new at it but at least Kurnell is a pretty quiet place to practice. Anything you need to ask just let me know...
  16. Welcome to NA

    i used to live in rose street cronulla till i moved west :)