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Hi All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cstra, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Hi All
    Thought i’d introduce myself. Noob girl from Melbourne. Got my learners 4 weeks ago with Aly who suggested joining Netrider. The forums have been a wealth of information when purchasing gear etc. Just purchased a VRT and don’t know anyone who rides a bike so I was very keen to join this online community with bike minded people ... not that I know all that much about bikes .... but i’m very keen to learn. LOVE riding.
    Looking forward to joining in, in some of the rides ... when I improve enough to get past going around the block!

  2. think i meant a VTR ... don’t even know what type of bike I ride ... there’s a good start :p
  3. Welcome cstra, also ride a vtr, just purchased it a week ago, had a license for almost a year an been seldom riding borrowed bikes, rode cbr250rr, ninja 250r, cbr125r and finally my own vtr250 :). So happy to have my own bike.

    PGriz aka SirG aka GrizIT - via Tapatalk
  4. Welcome to NR cstra, great learner bike you have chosen, enjoy the ride, you'd be aware of the saturday morning prac sessions that are on that at 10am? Theres a thread on here all about it, turn up and get some great tips from Doug n Dave and intro yourself.
  5. Hi cstra. Glad you joined the forum.

    So your bike has arrived already?
  6. Will definitely go to the 10am practice sessions goddie. Maybe Sat the 1st ... just have to figure out a way to get down there :p

    Gratz on your bike purchase PGriz. You seem to have ridden all the learner bikes I was considering purchasing. Did you have a preference out of all of them? One might think it was the vtr since that’s what you went with ... but the ninja looks so neat!

    Getting my bike Thursday now Aly. looking forward to the Sunday road practise session! :D

    Finally purchased all my gear. Last of it was the helmet. I had only one choice in helmet design as I was an XXS in Shoie, it’s white and gold and has red gems on it. I feel like Shera from Masters of the Universe while wearing it :p

    Thanks for all the welcomes :)
  7. Welcome to NR :) where are you coming in from? If you would like some support when riding in for your first time, just post a message in the Saturday learners thread. Someone will pick you up and ride with you.
  8. Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to meeting you in real life one day soon :)
  9. welcome, and lovely little bike for your first one... personally I prefer them to the ninjas :)
  10. I'm in Essendon. Support riding there would be greatly appreciated. I'll definitely post a message when I am ready to go. thanks!
  11. Something along the lines of, performance of a cbr250rr, looks of a ninja 250r and reliability of a vtr250 would make the perfect bike for me hehehehehe.

    No i had no real preference, cbr250rr can be a hit and miss in regards to performance and reliability, so i didnt want to risk it for the extra speed that may or may not be there depending on the life the bike had.

    Ninja250r i enjoyed, but I couldn't justify the price they are asking for them, $4K second hand 2008 model when brand new in VIC can be had for $6K, just doesn't make sense. But yes, they are nice looking and we are thinking of upgrading my wifes cbr125r to a ninja 250r. Only because she plans to keep it for a long time and already feels the cbr125r is weak, only issue is she is petite, so being able to lift a ninja 250r wet is her concern.

    VTR was just a good all round bike, solidly made, generally reliable and affordable. Can look the shiznit when slightly enhanced to more of a Monster/streetfighter look. But an overall decent bike.

    So budget determined that i go for a vtr250, and so far no regrets.
  12. Hello cstra, welcome to NR.
  13. Did you get your bike yesterday?

  14. Hi cstra and welcome to NR

    See you at Saturday practice in the not too distant future.
  15. wondering if anyone can help me. I bought a shoei full face helmet and it fogs up, so I purchased a pinlock fog-free lens that fits on the inside. However it says on the packet that it is for daytime use only. Do people still use it for night? what is the concern with waring it at night? or are there other options for night time riding in regards to anti fog. Also, has anyone been stopped for wearing a tinted visor, since they are illegal now? or do people still wear them anyways?
  16. I did get my bike Aly :D Shame about the bad weather thou :(
  17. welcome to NR
  18. What SHOEI did you go for? The reason I ask is I have the XR1100, and find that opening the vents (esp the front vent in front of your mouth), and leaving the visor in it's "unlocked" position tends to help create some airflow through and prevents some of the fogging. They also apparently have a "breath-guard" which helps divert your breath down away from the visor (although I'm pretty sure mine didn't come with this) :(
  19. I have a pinlock anti fog insert which I use all times. Not sure why it would say not to use it at night. Is it tinted? or just clear?