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Hi All!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TheGimp, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Been lurking here for a few months now, just thought I'd say hi to everyone..

    I got my L's today, I'll be looking to purchase a bike very soon.
    This has been an awesome forum for info and advice, and I'm looking forward to (hopefully) putting it into practice...

  2. Welcome Dave.

    Where about are you?
  3. Hornsby, northern suburbs of Sydney....
  4. welcome, dave :)
  5. Welcome to NR :)
  6. I hope that's Gimp as in GNU Image Manipulation Programme and not
  7. Welcome to NR Dave, enjoy :)
  8. Welcome to NR. (y)
  9. A Gimp Suit might be classed as full leathers though....?

  10. Hahahaha I was wondering when someone would pick up on that.... It's from an old email address, when it was cool to put "69" in the address.....

    But my safety word is "flugelhorn".