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Hi All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MsPillion, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Hoping this will help build up my confidence to finally "just get my damn licence". Im a great pillion thou lol....

    Would be great to connect with others who love bikes, as even thou I don't ride yet I am very very passionate (esp Moto GP). Would also like to maybe meet up with riders who live in Melbourne and would enjoy meeting up for rides (me on back of course). Ive got all own gear.

    Cheers Kelly x
  2. Welcome :) First things first - book the licence test in. You ever ridden before?

    Booking the test in and doing the L's course doesn't mean you actually have to buy a bike. Just try it out! It might not be for you, or it might exactly be for you.

    Don't know till you try.
  3. Hmmmm, female bike enthusiast seeks ride. I suspect you will swamped with offers.

    Hi Kelly and welcome to NR
  4. Welcome to NR, Kelly. As lowercase suggested, maybe get your L's out of the way. HART, DECCA offer 2-day learning courses which you could check out.

    As for rides, well - what GreyBM said. :D
  5. It took me 15 years to work up the confidence to finally get my learners. I've spend the last 6 months wondering why oh why did i leave it for that long. 1 weekend is all it takes :)

    Good luck!
  6. Welcome Kelly, and what they all said, it is addicitve, enjoyable and there's a few young fella's that would offer a lady a lift..
    turn up with your gear one sat morn and maybe someone will offer you to join on the ride after the practise session.. OR you might wanna advertise what suburb you live in and maybe someone will ride by and pick up on the way in?? :)
  7. I agonised over getting my licence for ages before finally deciding to give it a go. My husband created a monster by suggesting that I get my own bike because its turned into an absolute obsession. You never know til you give it a try.
  8. What he meant is: Are you hot? \\:D/

    Anyway, welcome to NR :)
  9. Just got for it and get your L's you will wonder why you put it off for so long. Just warn everyone around you that you will talk nothing but bikes from then on!
  10. Hello Kelly, and welcome to NR, and motorcycling. You don't seriously think we're going to advise you to go away and forget it, do you?

    He's right. "Go and get your license."
    She's right. (lowercase - she mostly is.) "Don't know till you try."
    I'm right. "You'll have a ball."
    I always am.


    How long do you think she'll buy that for, guys?
  11. Thanks people for the warm welcome.

    The thing is - UR ALL RIGHT....xxx (and wow - how will my friends cope with me when it happens as they are all sick of me talking bout bikes, trips, gp, want, desire, need..... ;) ) Yet im kinda sick of them talking bout danger, responsibilities, growing up :z

    Not sure about this swamped with offers (?) lol - but I live just off Whitehorse Rd and I hear u guys every weekend zipping past (obv up to the hills -oh bliss)..... Someone has got to want to stop and pick me up (Hmmm)

    Till then, YES ive done it (albiet in two months time)!!!!! Ive booked into hart (even have the hat lol) xxx
  12. Congrat! So, what bike have u got in mind?
  13. Congrats MsPillion - HART is supposed to be very good.

    There is one little problem though ... once you are a fully fledged rider you cannot go around calling yourself Ms Pillion any more :) Better start thinking up your new nick now, hey!

  14. Good work there booking into HART. I bet you're starting to get excited now even though you have a few weeks wait.
  15. How exciting Ms P! Congrats on taking the first step! Definitely get down to a saturday morning session so you know what to expect and someone might have the vicroads book if you havent bought one already?
  16. wot the rest of 'em said, dive in, the water's fine (y)
  17. Want, desire, need?.... A girl after my own heart. Welcome here, and you're welcome to come riding with me ;)