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Hi all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Seedy, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. So I'm guessing this intro post officially removes my lurker status or is there some sort of ritual that has to take place first?

    Been reading in here for ages, bout time I pulled my finger out.

    I used to ride a CBR600F, but had a stupid off up near Kinglake and have been bikeless for the last 18 months. Having a 12 month old (at the time) daughter it kind of spooked me a bit. Lucky it was gravel and not trees on the side of the road.

    Been getting itchy again though after a ride on a mate's 600RR, which convinced me to get another bike so I bought a project that I'm still not sure I'll take on, an unregistered '89 VFR 750. It's in great nick and rides well, but I'm still tossing up between spending a few bucks on that or offloading it and buying something a bit more current. Hopefully reading and posting in here might help me decide.

    Bought tickets to the GP last night, so I'd better start deciding soon I guess. Look forward to hanging around.
  2. Firstly, hello Seedy and welcome, and congratulations on getting your lurker status revoked.

    Congratulations on the family. That's wonderful to hear.

    VFRs are not a bad thing. Without seeing / test riding yours, I don't really know what sort of nick it's in, but at a guess, it should be entirely adequate if you're just going to toddle around and enjoy the two wheeled life again for a while. If, on the other hand, you decide to see what deeper lean angles are like, and what it sounds like at full noise and such, I'd say that modern sporty stuff is a whole lot better. Partly because the state of the art has moved on quite a bit, and partly because old bikes feel horrible compared to the way they felt when new, just because they're old and cactus.

    As for falling off - well, it can happen. It can happen twice. It can hurt you or kill you. One would hope that it doesn't, but the chance is there. The choice is yours. I encourage you to throw a leg over again, but I strongly encourage you to do it with both eyes open.

    Final thought - compared to cars, bikes are cheap to buy, but expensive to run. There are bikes that are cheap transport, but they're not much fun, and old VFRs are not one of them.
  3. Cheers kneedragon

    Yeah, I've had a few offs but mainly on trail bikes when I was younger. I actually rode the bike home with half a gear lever and no clutch, so it wasn't really til thinkin about it later I started doing all the 'what ifs'. Replayed the whole thing a million times and it was all my fault. Went into a corner too hot and should have just kept leaning, but made the dumb decision to pull out and try to stand it up. Hopefully lesson learned.

    I rode the VFR for a week last month with a temp permit and it handles surprisingly well for it's age. Very similar to my 600F in weight and power, but much more torquey... way more 3rd gear action as opposed to high revs and lots of changes on the cbr. Has got a lot of go in it for an older bike too. The twin pipes sound bloody fantastic, and they are just stock ones. Everyone I've talked to has raved about the old gear driven cam engines being bulletproof too. So lots of reasons to keep it. Dunno though. I've always wanted a GSXR750 for some reason, but I reckon I'd do my licence within a week. Been looking at the FZ1-S maybe. We'll see.
  4. I like the FZ1-S. I haven't ridden one, but they look good, and the people who have say nice things about them.

    Look - I reckon earmark a couple of grand and give the old girl a facelift. Steering head and swing arm bearings, tyres, rear shock and fork rebuild, new hand and foot levers... you know - as required. Get the thing into 'as new' mechanical and functional condition, and it should go pretty nearly as well as the modern stuff.

    Either way (fix it or get a new one) you're quite a bit safer than wobbling around on something with no clutch and half a gear lever and probably no damping in the back at all and tyres that're squared off and Dog knows how old...
  5. Think my post was badly worded mate... the busted gear lever / clutch lever was riding the CBR home after my excursion into the gravel.

    The VFR on the other hand is in very nice order indeed! Gonna book it in for a checkover next week, will let you know what they say.
  6. Ah - my bad. Yeah, just get them to give it a good look over. Most rear shocks can be rebuilt for considerably less than the cost of a new one.
  7. Cheers mate, will do. Spent a few hours on Bikepoint today... so many nice bikes. Starting to think the VFR may have to find a new Mum or Dad.
  8. Hi and welcome to NR. Good luck in the bike hunt.
  9. First welcome to Netrider.

    Second, I've never heard a disappointed VFR owner, no matter the age of the bike.

    Third, they ARE bullet-proof; I read of a motorcycle courier in England with one that's done 800,000 MILES, on two engines, the first did around 400,000!!
  10. Thanks guys.

    Hey GreyBM, I'm in Preston too. Don't tell me your address though or I'll set up one of my webcams outside your bathroom window. If I see a grey BM go past I'll wave to ya.

    hornet... i know. I took a bunch of pics of it yesterday while the sun was out (just in case it decides not to come out again) and was thinkin 'shit this is a nice looking bike'. At the moment I am changing my mind about keeping it / getting newer bike about once every 10 minutes or so.