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Hi All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Shabbyrama, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Have recently discovered this forum and have been browsing its wares. Lots of very interesting and useful info - thank you all. The posts on this forum confirms my experience that people on bikes are really helpful and want to recruit others to the cause. To give you an example - I was doing 'circuits' around Sydney Olympic Park and a guy on a treadly (bicycle) pulled up next to me at the lights and kindly guided me to the unofficial MOST practice area. A week of practice and a session with the Saturday group (thanks Ben for putting me on to the group and Simon for the e-braking tips) made me decide to go for my P's straight away. I decided to bite the bullet on the first session available and now having just gained my P's and can't wait to use the bike whenever and wherever I can. Have clocked up 1500 ks in the last month (a mix of freeway commuting, trips over the Blue Mountains, near to home 'blocks', city cut and thrust) and the bug has well and truly bitten.
    If you see a "mature" person on an improbably small bike (Yammie Scorpio) don't laugh, wave at a new convert. Am already looking around and saving for something bigger to drag my substantial body around.

  2. lol...

    Hi Shabbyrama. Nice to meet you.
  3. Welcome mate glad to hear your enjoying it
    Are you going to come on the ride on moday
  4. Sounds good, Where are you going?

    BTW am on a very very slow bike
  5. How slow are we talking?
  6. hi shabby, welcome to nr.

    Those scorpios ... i remember them from the stay upright L and P courses. Holy hell are they uncomfortable and gutless.
  7. Too true, but they chug along are very forgiving and keep me upright! Am saving $$ to get something bigger. In the meantime am doing the hard yards
  8. I remember the scorpio fondly from my Ls course. First bike I ever sat or, let alone rode, so that might explain it. Welcome to the forum. Sadly the ride tomorrow is off, but I hope to meet you in person some time. You should come to the 2 yr anniversary ride to Terrigal 23 Oct.

  9. Thanks Brmm - The ride sounds good, but I do not want to hold up or frustrate others (remember a Scorpio can only do so much) - where do you all meet? Cheers!
  10. They havent decided where there meeting yet but dont worry about being slow as there learner rides so it aint a race
  11. Hi, mate! Thanks for letting me try out your Scorpio today. Worked wonders in boosting my confidence.

    It was nice to see you enjoying the Gladius. It's a fun and usable bike -- top speed be damned :cheeky: Most impressive was the way in which you repeatedly executed U-turns on it. An excellent eye-opener, and I did manage it as well :)

    Do drop in at Homebush when possible, you're most welcome.


  12. Hey - no sweat. You now know how to live life on the wild (or should I say mild Scorpio) side. Gives you time to smell the roses. Top speed on the Scorpio is a brisk walk (haven't had a strong enaugh tail wind to prove it though)! The Gladius was smoothly impressive and am envious of your ride.

    Will drop by at Homebush when I can and keep picking up tips.

    Keep well and upright!
  13. Welcome to NR, hope you enjoy your stay! :)
  14. Hey Shabs and welcome in bro!
  15. Hey thanks for the welcome, am learning heaps on this site. Can only keep learning. Getting on two wheels was the best decision can't get enough time on the road.