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Hi All

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by gazz, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hi guys. Done plenty of reading here. Thought I would finally say hi. Im gazz. Ive had a few bikes recently, Blackbird (miss you lots) vulcan meanstreak, 2nd last one was a DR 650 but she bucked me off & I stopped liking her after that, so sold her off. I wasnt going to bother with another bike for a while, but I stumbled across an 06 SV 650 owned by my local bike shop service manager. Few trick bits on it & immaculate so I bought it. It goes good enough for me now that im getting older. Had a ride yesterday & it was lots of fun. Nice & light through the twisties.
    Hope to see yas out & about somewhere. Until then... Keep it on the black stuff.

  2. Hi Gazz and Welcome. Where abouts do you call home?
  3. welcome in bud :)
  4. Sorry, Forgot to mention that... I live on the sunny Gold Coast.
  5. :biker:Welcome Gaz
  6. Well welcome anyway ;)
  7. Hi from a fellow Queenslander. Do you have photos of your bike?
  8. Hi gazz, good to see another qld rider.

    There is a group ride down your way at end of the month if your interested.
  9. Welcome Gazz !