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Hi all (Sydney-North)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by renew490, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. #1 renew490, Nov 19, 2013
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2013
    hi guys,

    I'm new and trying to learn about riding.

    I've managed to get my Ls, but no bike yet, mainly due money reasons (self employed, and this year has been slow..).

    Just when I think I know what I think I want - I learn a bit more and have to change my plan.. I liked the idea of Jamaha XVS 650 cruiser (converted to bobber), but as my finances were getting slower- $9.5K seemed further and further away from reality...

    And then a couple of people told me - don't get an expensive bike for learning, get something really basic for around $2K, learn, and then you'll know what you like and what you don't. Thought that was a better idea.

    Another issue is though I'm not super tall, I'm 6ft / 180cm, long legs, 83kg. Sitting on CBR250 in a shop felt a bit crammed. So I decided I shouldn't get a small bike.

    So my plan now - trying to aim for a bike thats:
    - cheap ($2-3K)
    - not small / ok for my height/legs
    - on the safer side, (if possible?)
    - good resale value ideally

    Sounds like a few bikes that people mentioned that might suit taller riders are:
    DRZ400, DR650, klr650, xr400, CB400, gt250, gt650, wr450.

    I like the idea of dual sport, though I don't plan going off road, I just like that you sit high on the road, and they seem to be pretty tough built.

    DRZ400 looks pretty good, but they seem to start from $4K or so. Around 400cc would be good also, to keep insurance costs down.

    Another thing - I don't have a garage, so will be parking on the street (Manly Vale, Northern Beaches Sydney). Will probably use a cover. I heard that DRZ400 motard is the most stolen bike in Sydney... :-/

    So - would love to know people's opinions - Any suggestions for cheap, reliable bike for learning/LAMS for a taller person? Or should I post my question in a different part of the forum?

    thanks guys, looking forward to learn more, and hopefully get out there riding soon.
  2. Anything on the northern breaches will be stolen if it is in sight. Is there a back yard you can park in?
  3. CB400 is a great bike, and apparently ok for the taller folk, but go sit on one to be sure. It is unlikely you'll find a top notch second hand one for cheap (less than $6500) in Sydney. I know there's a yellow one advertised on gumtree for about $6k in North Bondi but this one is *rusty* and not just surface rust. The rego has also been cancelled.

    TL; DR: do a little research on whatever bike you settle on to be on the safe side.
  4. Dammit, I forgot: Are you hot?
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  5. you might need to extend your budget for security reason as you dont have a lock garage.
    if your budget is around 2-3k , you will find that it's a bit hard to get something to suit your size or even you could find one it'll probably be around 20 years old.
  6. Buy Toadcat's gs500 mad if you don't. I don't think he's too far from you either.
  7. thanks, I was a bit worried about that. I might ask my landlord if I can park it in the driveway somwhere. I'm renting a granny flat behind his house. He did say though - I'll have to start the bike on the road, away from the house..
  8. thanks, will keep CB400 in mind, tho they do seem to be on a more pricey side for my budget. Safety/quality should be decent.

    hot? we all are :)
  9. so older bikes are easier to steal?
  10. thanks everyone for your replies. I think I'm leaning towards xr400 (~$3K), few on gumtree, though some look suspiciously cheap, with hardly any description.. or DRZ400, if I find a cheaper one in decent cond.

    Next - I gotta get some $ saved for the bike.
  11. Welcome!

    Bikes in general are pretty easy to steal. Budget for a fat chain and padlock to lock it to a post or something, and a decent disk lock. Consider them a long term investment as they can be kept when you sell the bike and used on the next one.
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  12. there are a few yamahas WR 450 on gumtree for around $3K 2003 or so
    - anyone has one of these? how would it fit a taller rider?
  13. thanks! yeah, heard chains are about $200, not a great cost when considering the price of the bike. Had my push bike stollen in Manly a few years ago, what a terrible feeling.. They left the cheap lock I used, picked, on the ground.
  14. I've never sat on one, but this site might help: http://cycle-ergo.com/

    Just enter the relevant details and see how you're likely (not certain) to fit.
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  15. Welcome :)
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  16. Hello and welcome :)
    I'd give the CB400 a miss, they seem small to me.
  17. thanks Peter, yeah I think I'll try to go for 400-650cc dualsport or motard, they all seem a bit bigger. Probably motard better, as Im not planning to take it off-road. Or at least with road wheels.
  18. Maybe a vtr 250. I'm about 6ft and found them pretty comfy, at least compared to my CBR250R. PM me if you wanna go for a ride. I'm in Collaroy
  19. thanks, still saving for a bike, working for myself its a bit less predictable..
    I quite liked vtr250 I used at the training course, tho they do seem to be a bit more than my $3k budget.
    I seem to look a bit more proportional on dual sports I think. Will keep looking+saving.