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Hi All-now with pic

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by TheRealDaniel, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Hi my name is Daniel and I am the new owner of a very clean and great looking bike. Its a 91 CBR250RR and it will be registered and ready for pick up on Monday.

    I have never ridden a bike before so Im a little concerned.

    Thats my story
  2. Hi Daniel. Welcome to netrider!

    Congratulations on your new bike - that model certainly seems to have a lot of support on here!

    Just take it easy and get used to the bike and you'll be fine.
  3. Hi Daniel,

    read as much as you can in these forums, there is some great info and practice in a quiet area away from traffic so you aren't a hazard to anyone. Build your confidence slowly and practice, practice, practice.

    Stay safe and stay upright.
  4. Re: Hi All

    I assume you rode a bike on your licence course?
  5. Re: Hi All

    To be honest I have not yet got my Learners permit to ride the bike. I am relocating with my work on the 17 May and had originally planned to buy a bike once I got there however as I wont be able to get around whilst in Adelaide and it being so spread out I gave up looking for a nice bike that I could easily obtain and decided to buy the bike from a dealer in Brisbane and then when the time comes I will get a truck to transport the bike and then do my SafeRide course the moment I get there.

    I know that this probably sounds like a really stupid idea however I had no idea what to look for in a bike and my friends who ride bikes all live in Brisbane so I had mates come with me to look at bikes and I figured they can have a ride and then I will get one of their mechanics to have a look over the bike.

    I am very excited but on the other hand scared shitless, this is going to sound lame but i haven't had a good night sleep in about a week as i keep dreaming that im on a bike and im concentrating so hard and so paranoid that i keep waking up. I don't have plans to be a prat on the bike and have more respect for them then I do other things.

    I hope that makes sense and I don't come across as a douche


    Also I have been reading the topics on this forum for about 4 hours solid just over and over and also watching videos on live vid
  6. The feeling is similar for most new things. When i started out i to was scared about all the differing things you need to whilst riding. But all that subsides when you actually get on the bike and start riding. Things become alot easier.

  7. I rode my neighbors thumpster this afternoon when I got home from work up and down the street a few dozen times at about 60k's just helping myself get more and more familiar with the clutch and gear shifting.

    I kept putting my foot down and I know thats a no no so im not going to ride the bike again. I'll wait till I get mine.

    Here is a picture of my precious

  8. Encouragement always helps people,

    I dont like lurkers
  9. Nice looking bike man! really clean..
    i am looking for a similar bike when i get my l's in a couple of months..
    your a lucky man..
  10. Nice looking bike man! Good luck on your L's.

    I myself am looking to get a ZZR250 or GPX250, something a bit newer I guess.
  11. It is spotless I will take some better pics when I have it in my garage.

    There is not a scratch on the bike that I could see and even the steering column is totally corrosion free, There is also none of the surface rust on the bolt on the dash that they all tend to have.
  12. Just remember the golden rule; everyone else on the road, even other riders, is an idiot, and is out to kill you by the easiest means possible.
  13. Great line in Neal Stephenson's "Zodiac" going along the general idea of "don't ride like you're invisible, ride like you're glowing in the dark and there's a contract out on your life."
  14. Hiya Daniel. welcome. My name is also Daniel and i also ride a 91 CBR :eek:
  15. I got all my gear today,

    Alpine Stars Jacket
    Tekno Jeans
    Rj's Boots
    KBC lid
    Made 2 Race gloves
    Dri Riders
    and a Rj's back pack and some cleaning shit
    O and a tinted Visor
  16. nicely done! did that all set you back over a grand?

    gearing up is worth the money and time
  17. agreed, you can never spend to much money on safety equipment
  18. The grand total was about 1800 or so. The jacket alone was 850.

    The guys at the store gave me a 500 discount also so I think i did fairly well they are a great mob
  19. some photos


    im in the blue
  20. It looks exceptionally neat. Congrats