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hi all.nooby here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by V2in, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. hi all.
    got my L's about 6 weeks ago,altho i had them when i was 17 but didnt go 4 my licence!17 years ago...!anyhow, got myself a Hyosung GT250R(a red 1) bout a month ago,and im enjoying getting back into riding.
    I live on the vic/nsw border in yarrawonga-mulwala.
    Looking forward to doing afew rides and gaining some experience.Although i did just do the Snowy Ride to Thredbo.So if you saw a red Hyo with L's(and rounded it up) :shock: ,that was me!

    see you on the road
  2. Hi and welcome, mate.

    We have a lady rider from the same area as you; can't for the life of me remember her nick or her name though (d'oh, getting old!)
  3. Welcome V2in,

    Watch out this place is addictive and will become your life. it has in mine :LOL: :shock: .

    Hornet600 that is called uumm ...... my man. :LOL:
    Have fun ride safe
    Cheers Lou
  4. Welcome to the forum V2in. :grin:
  5. Hi V2in and welcome to the forums :)
  6. Gday and welcome to the madhouse .....err i mean forums!

    have fun and keep the black side down.
  7. Hey Kris welcome, Mr Charmed has the day off today toss over a pm & maybe we could go for a short ride somewhere?

    Welcome btw

    OI Hornet .. good on ya :roll: only spoke to you on the ph & meet you @ GP Dinner :p
  8. Welcome to the asylum without bars kris
  9. Welcome back to the world of fun Kris :biker:
  10. Hi and welcome V2in
  11. Phew! for a minute there... I thought you were taking V2's spot in the virago club.

    So anyways welcome Kris
  12. welcome :)

    now play nice ;)
  13. thanks for the welcomes.
    Charmed,sorry i didnt get back to you sooner but had a fair bit on.What bike you ridin so i know who to wave to?Ill keep an eye on my pm's if you wanna go somewhere.
    im on the mul side aswell,but still got vic reg.