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Hi all...noob from brissy :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sanzaru, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. Hey all,

    just wanted to say hi to the community. I will be doing my qride course in a couple of weeks and hopefully pass and be ready to purchase a bike :) thought i'd jump on and join a forum to learn more and to research the normal noob questions such as what gear? what bike? what price? budgets? what quality? etc.

    so my first question is:
    I have found a cbr250r that i'm keen on as the price is pretty decent, only thing is from the pictures, the stock exhaust has a bit of what looks to be rust on it.. have other cbr250r owners experienced this problem with their stock exhausts?? is it an easy clean up / fix?

    thanks in advance..

    JDMmonkey :)

  2. Can't help with the bike question as I'm a newbie numpty myself, but just wanted to say g'day and welcome! They're an interesting bunch on here :)
  3. Welcome :)

    Are you looking at the current model cbr's or the older ones (mc19, mc22 etc.)?
  4. Welcome, JDMmonkey.
  5. I was looking at a current model. Was either a 2011 or 2012 model. In saying that, still haven't fully decided on the CBR just yet, the price was just appealing.
  6. Awesome. I'm not too familiar with the new ones but I've heard they're good bang for buck.
  7. Welcome to NR and good luck with QRide and Bike Shopping
  8. Welcome. Rust on the painted section or on chrome?
  9. Welcome to Netrider
  10. Welcome to the forum and riding in general. Who are you doing Q-ride with?

    CBR250R (current model) is an OK starter bike. The stock exhaust on them has a metal heat shield over the black muffler, is that what was rusty? If so, you could remove it, polish off the rust and be good to go (for a while). Or paint it with some heat resistant paint. Or swap the whole fugly unit out for a nice looking slip on. Ninja 300s have the same problem, a fugly and cheap looking exhaust with a heat shield prone to rusting (rusting seems to be less of a problem on more recently made bikes).

    Just beware though, here in Qld technically a slip on renders your LAMS bike a non-LAMS bike. In the current anti-biker environment, if you hold an RE license and ride a modified LAMS bike you could be done for riding unlicensed/out of class if you get the wrong copper on a bad day.
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  11. Welcome to Nutrider!

    Initiation question anyone? ;)
  12. hey there, welcome!
  13. Welcome to NR and to riding.
    I've heard the CBR250R is a great beginners bike though I don't know much about rust on the exhaust or anything.

    Since no girl is gonna ask the question I'll ask on behalf of them.

    Are you hot?
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  14. Don't do it, Zenkiri. It really isn't funny.
  15. I know man! Save me!!
  16. Dude ... save yourself.
  17. I think we should run a poll to see if the "are you Hot practice be stopped for ever"

    thanks my 2 cents worth ...

  18. I was joking.

    Anyway on topic here. I wouldn't be concerned with rust if it's just surface rust, even rust on the heatshield caused by a accident isn't really a issue.

    Chances are you will want to upgrade after 3-4 months of owning the bike but it's best to get something cheap and reliable so that you can save for your next bike.
    So getting the CBR250R is a good choice of bike for your first bike since it's gonna be reliable and will last you till you want to upgrade.

    I see no problem with it so if you want that bike I say go for it. :)
    If you have a friend or family member who knows bikes get him/her to come along and check it out with you just in case.
  19. Thanks for responses guys, yeh I'm pretty sure it was the heatshield rusting. Doesn't matter now, bike was sold..
  20. So you're so hot that you rusted a heat shield?

    Ladies, you better keep your distance, or you might faint! ;)