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Hi all,newby from Perth

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by gc33, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. Hi there. Another newbie from perth here in WA. My wife and i have not long returned from our adventure in the UK and to the isle of man TT road races. We shipped one of our bikes, the blackbird over with number plate IOMTT07.
    What an awesome experience.
    We love riding motorcycles when the weather permits,getting good at riding in the wet especially in the UK.
    Our bikes are, 01 Honda CBR1100 blackbird in red,07 suzuki M109R,A yamaha TTR600 belgarda that im just rebuilding the ebgine now and an old TT350 for the missus to learn to ride on.
    Hope we can meet up with a few of you along the way....

    its not what we ride but why we ride. I ride not to escape life but to stop life escaping me:)

  2. Welcome to Netrider
  3. Welcome gc :grin:
  4. Awesome trip, I'm sure, and a nice stable of bikes too :).

    Welcome to Netrider.
  5. yeah hornet, was an outstanding trip. Cant wait til the next time we go in 09. Hope to be able to meet up with a few from netriders along the way but weather is so crap to get bike out in. Only had my 109 for 3 weeks now but have had my bird since late 01 amd still waiting for that to come back from UK prob early sept.
    thanks for the welcome.....
  6. hey gc, welcome aboard. i made it to the TTs last year and had an absolute ball - trip of a lifetime. welcome back, and enjoy your planning for the next one :grin: certainly ken ('movin') and i are planning to get back there in the next year or two if we can.

    we're also keen to get over to Perth with our bikes some time with the hope of heading north. our favourite buddhist monk is abbot of the Buddhist Society of WA so we thought we'd drop in to the monastery, get a bit of zen into us, then hit the road and get a different type of zen into us :LOL:

    welcome to NR and enjoy the ride. c x
  7. Welcome aboard.. :grin: Nice bikes you have there.. :cool:

  8. we are planning on 09. We have already secured our accommodation in Ramsey and I have been also asked about organizing a bit of a group. I can take about 10-12 people at this particular place but need commitment as well i told them. We have made many more contacts on our visit so I'm not too bothered about taking a bike next time. Been offered a few when we were there this year. Just gotta sort out our insurance for them whilst there which is no big deal.
    2009 is supposed to be another big year for honda on the Isle and 2011 is 100 years of the mountain circuit so set to be another big year which we will be heading back again.
    We have fallen in love with the IOM and its people. A very special place to us. We are looking also at getting married over there in 09.
    If you are interested in securing accommodation with us let us know....all B & B too. The people we stayed with were and are like family to us now. They have us booked for next year as well. Have to get those right numbers for next year tho i think.


  9. also check out next issue of Rapid bikes mag. I was asked to do a bit of an article by Jeff Ware so submitted some words and pics.....
  10. very jealous!!
    welcome to NR :grin: