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Hi all, newby 2wheeler here :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Widget, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm from NSW/QLD & recently got my bike License through a Q-RIDE course with Ride-Smart which was pretty good. Was first time riding a motorcycle so was a bit tricky at first, especially with gear changing, but got the hang of it.
    I know absolutely nothing about bikes/mechanics but am looking forward to chatting & learning from you guys :)

    Now looking at bikes & gear :). Am considering the GS500 as I like the looks of naked bikes (all bikes too, but naked first choice), I hear good things about it & is generally within my budget ($4-5k).

    For my helmet, I'm considering the Shark VISION-R (my brother got one, we did the license at same time), though have yet to try on and make sure there will be one in my size :).


    ~ Widget ~
  2. You could do a lot worse than a GS500.

    As for helmets you really need to find what brands fit your particular head shape best. Once you've established that, then you can worry about specific models.
  3. Hey thanks :),

    Also checking out Nolan & Shoei brands too. Heading back to QLD next month so might pop into a bike store and try some on (brother got his from Team-Moto I believe). Though, can anyone recommend places in NSW (close to Hawkesbury/Western Sydney region) that might have a good range ?

    Another thing, I have yet to sit on a GS500, so I'm not too sure if it'll be right for me. I'm 70kg / 170cm. Can anyone recommend a couple of other LAMS approved naked(sport/commuter) bikes above 250cc. I'm not really a trader so reason above 250cc as I'll probably keep for a little after I get my unrestricted license next year.

    budget $4-5k.

    Thanks again :),


    ~ Widget ~
  4. I do Love my shark vision r.. but as mentioned.. its gotta be right for your head shape.. and even different models across a brand will be better for different shaped heads.

    Find a general size area.. Large for example.. then try on all the helmets in large.. some will be tight some will be sloppy.. but you will notice the comfortable ones.. then try the medium and extra large in the comfortable ones.. and you will in the end find the helmet for you..

    THEN you can see if you can get lucky with colour or design scheme.. but worry about that last and its going to be a matter of luck if there is one in that "found helmet" that you like.. an ill fitting helmet is going to give you a bad day... all day.. every day..
  5. I purchased a 2007 GS500F and I am also new to the bike experience.
    Welcome to NR and I would recommend the GS500, it's a great bike to learn on, very forgiving..
    Just a word of advice though, as a learner bike, it is heavier then your rice burners (CB, ZX etc..) and the windscreen offers very little wind protection.
    Even with both of those elements, I still love it and recommend it!!
  6. Hey all,

    Thanks for the replies :).

    Haven't really seen GS500's <$4500, just wondering if anyone could give me alternatives (250cc+, naked - similar to the GS) just incase I can't find a GS or the GS doesn't suit me?
    I'll mostly be riding around town as a commuter but not very often at all going 80k+ on the road, though sometimes I might go for a weekend ride.


    ~ Widget ~
  7. I bought my bike for for 4600 and was bargaining with someone else for 4500.. I'm not really sure what you could get for the 250cc class, it really depends on what you actually like ans feel comfortable on.
    I had my mind set on a brand 2011 Ninja or 2011 CBR, researched them and did all the leg work, but when it came to actually riding them I was just too tall for them and it didn't work. My suggestion would be to short list the bikes in your range on bikesales and just give them all a go on the same day.
  8. Hey Riddler,

    Thanks for the reply. Might make a little list and go from there. I read a few people have been choosing a VTR250, so I might add that too :).

    Thanks again everyone,


    ~ Widget ~
  9. VTR's are good bikes too, I just couldn't find any in my budget when I was looking.. Good luck!
  10. Welcome to NR. (y)

    As said above - different helmets have different fits so you need to try a few brads and choose what fits you best.

    And dont be in a rush when helmet hunting. Take your sweet time! :D
  11. Thanks guys :)