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Hi all... newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Kev Murphy (Scooter), Mar 28, 2014.

  1. Just like to throw in my two cents worth, I live in Portland, South Western Vic coastal, ride on my own as am not interested in group travel, current wheels are on a Honda ST 1100, 98 model, which I purchased mid 2011.

    I do many trips of well over a thousand Km, as and when I feel the need for the highway.
    The Nickname 'Scooter' came from back in the early 70's, when I had a brand new Harley Electra glide... which was the ultimate lemon, and spent at least 15 months in and out of Harley shops for repairs during the 18 months I owned it.
    I switched to Honda, Harley mates dubbed it a Scooter, hence my nickname.. I bought 2 new Honda 750 K2's, had the Yoshi big bore 900 kit fitted, and turbos.
    Had to play around with sprocket sizes to limit top end speed, and fit steering dampers because they became a bit unstable at over 3 miles per minute. Gave one bike to my mate, and we toured Aus from 1972 to mid 1976, covering some 239 thousand miles in our travels.

    Between late 76 and 1980, I was restricted to how much free time I had, because of commitment to the Army.

    Moved to the Gold Coast 1980 until 1989, and then to current location.
    Bike license lapsed while I was in the throes of relocating to Vic, organising a job etc, and I was restricted to a 250 chook chaser for twelve months after arriving in Vic. Rode an old 1980 900 Honda Bol Dor from 1990 until 2009,
    and then a little Suzuki 500 twin for a couple of years until retirement, when I purchased the ST 1100.

    Christmas 2011 I did a trip to Queensland far north and north west, via Vic south and east coast, then central NSW, (Parkes, ) then to Sydney, coastal to Brisbane, north to Caloundra, out to Kingaroy, down to Dalby, and then west on the Warrego (worst highway in Australia) to Morven before turning north to Barcaldine, did a days ride to the Isa and back the next day, then east to Emerald, then north to Charters Towers and Townsville on the way to Cairns. trip home was via the coast to Brisbane and then inland down the Newell Highway because northern coastal NSW was flooded. Entire trip was 34 days, but travelling time was 16 days to Cairns, and then 7 days back to home in Vic. 16,800 Km in 23 days of travel.

    I do lots of 'local' trips within Vic.. Portland/ Lakes Entrance/ ...Portland/ Mildura, etc.

    Last weekend was a trip Portland to Murray Bridge, Mannum, Waikerie, Morgan etc on the Murray, returned home on Tuesday... around 1500 Km or so. Next trip will be in six weeks, when I am heading east to Gippsland for a weekend.

    Thats enough bumpf for now, hope to read of many other riders trips and life stories soon.
  2. Welcome to NR !
  3. Have you come across the Far Rides? If not, give them a lookup, much the same philosophy as yours and a meeting at a location to shoot the breeze with the same sort of people.

    Welcome here!
  4. Thanks, friends! ... dammit... I was in Christie feb 7/9 this year!
  5. Ha ha , I was near Portland (passing by ) 27th February with Sleepa on our way to Tassie .