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Hi all, newbie saying hi

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tree-hugga, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. Hi all,
    Just writing to say big hello. I've been a long time reader/lurker and finally thought i'd jump on baord.

    Got my L's about this time last year and this forum has been a wealth of info as far as bike choice, servicing info and general knowledge. Bought the zzr in June last year and have clocked up around 4500 k's since.

    A few quick thoughts...
    lotsa friends were telling me that i'd get hooked in a big way to riding and I brushed it off, as I was getting the bike for a bit of fun but mostly commuting. Well I can say I am definitely hooked big time and loving it. I can honestly say I hate driving the cage now and that every opportunity I can, I put on the the helmet and go riding (much to the displeasure of the girlfriend).

    Also, cars have been a lot bettter (and I mean a lot better) than people made out. I have been riding a pushbike on the road for years (commuting and fitness) and I reckon that the motorbike is much safer as far road presence. No hairy moments so far...touch wood.

  2. Welcome matey, what a good introduction!!

    It is indeed an enduring and wonderful addiction, for which there is no known cure. Even abstinence eventually gives way to relapse! :LOL:
  3. You're not a greenie are you?? :eek:hno:

    ...Anyway welcome to the forums :)
  4. Yeah a bit of a greenie. It's what I do. Work on climate change issues.

    Don't worry though...not too pushy with it all.
  5. Welcome Tree-hugga :grin: Riding a pushie will have been a fantastic grounding for motorcycling and is most likely the reason you haven't had any hairy moments! I agree motorbikes are far safer in terms of road presence, and also has a greater ability to escape bad situations, and you tend to wear better safety gear - all of which add up to a safer experiance all round! Enjoy!!

    Remember - Shiny side up :grin: