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Hi all - Newbie in TAS here...03 ZZR1200 (I'm tall)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by AndrewEvanO, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. 03 ZZR1200 (I'm tall)

  2. Hi tall Andrew, Welcome. Where in the Southern Island do you live?
  3. Hello AndrewEvanO, I'm short so will be riding xvs650 cruiser some time this week lol
  4. Hi Chris - I live South....Kingborough...
  5. Hi Andrew, Welcome to NR.

    As a fellow tall person I'll be travelling down your way at the end of March to visit family (my family lives in Kingborough).

  6. Ok, A local question for you then. In my roaming of Tassie over the year I haven't made the ferry trip out to Bruny On the possibles for my next trip I was thinking about staying the night out there. The run particularly the North and South island run along the narrow section looks interesting.
  7. March is a great time to be touring down this way...
  8. Sorry to butt in. I spent half my life staying on, fishing the waters of and surfing the waves around Bruny Island. In all honesty, the thin narrow neck section of Bruny is gravel, the roads past Alonah are mostly gravel, the main road from the ferry to just before the north end of the neck is sealed, then it is sealed from the other end of the neck into Adventure Bay (some nice twisties but not very long) and also sealed to Alonah.

    Coal Point is an awesome surf spot when it's on otherwise it makes a brilliant spot to dive for Crayfish and Abalone.
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  9. Yep, figured it'd be a great time and it ties in with my mum's birthday!
  10. Welcome Andrew,I was born and raised in Tassie.Great place for bikes.
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    Gravel doesn't really scare me, the scenery looks like it would be worth the effort. I would probably use it as a mid trip couple of day lay over. Adventure Bay was where I was looking. The same trip I wand to do the Western Explorer on the West coast depending on whether I was with a large group or a small contingent. Thanks for the info.
  12. No problem cjvfrcjvfr , If you want any more infor on Adventure Bay (or Tassie) let me know. It hasn;t changed much since I left it 8 years ago.