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Hi all Newbie here.....

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Adrian Lewer, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone my name is adrian and i am from Melbourne. i have been contemplating a motorcycle for many years now as my brother rides motox and is always saying "come on not that hard" so i use to ride his KTM around the paddock only in 2nd gear (was scared shitless to go any harder) and have him catch me at the end (i am short).... any way many years have passed and i walked into a motorcycle shop the other day and was chatting to the sales rep and was complaining that my brothers KTM was a lethal killing machine and he laughed. he suggested a 4 Stroke to calm the snappy throttle and i started thinking.... so with info in hand i went to my local and done a 1 day course for my learners and passed.

    Well 2 days latter i had a tax return in the mail which ment i had the cash for my first bike. i have always believed in buying new gear wether it be cars, house ect so was thinking it was all over for me..... but i came across the Honda CBR125 and loved it the moment i saw it. 4 Stroke, Liquid cooled, Fuel injection, My height LOL..., and the price was unbelievable. so after spending 2 days in the shop i had a brand new bike and gear to suit........

    upon picking the bike up i thought to myself what a day... rain, hail, wind..... so i drove her home in the most careful way i could avoiding any speed limits above 70Kmh my brother made me aware of a coating on the tyres and said take it slow like you are on ice for the first 200kms which i did. got home drowned, freezing and still got the cold but i am as happy as larry....

    1st mishap was on the 250KM mark. i had gearbox trouble and the bike was behaving badly about 2 k's from home so i slowed down ad took it easy. anyway going into the drive was 1st gear at above walking speed the bike threw me off and there i was on the deck for the first time bike on top of me (thank good only a scratch on the mirror) but my down stairs was in agony. after assessing what went wrong the chain had slipped and seized up the engine. it was sooooooo loose so had it adjusted and problem solved and lesson learned (check and lube chain every 2nd day)

    i have just hit the 1000 km mark now and have had a great time. i always ride thinking "no bastard has seen me" and i have avoided the worst on more than 1 occasion (so it is as bad as people say).

    coming home last night i had my worst ever feeling. i was coming down (for those of you that know it) boundary Rd laverton up to GAM steel roundabout heading outbound, road wet but a straight stretch i decided in all my wisdom to open her up so 1,2,3,4,5 red line and at 100kmh it was good until i hit the gouged out old lines, engine reves went through the roof and arse came out to the left (as if you where sitting on it) glad i listened to the instructor ease throttle off slow knees griping the tank for death and leave steer wheel straight.... well after about 150 meters i was stoped and scared shitless (another lesson learned dont ride fast in shite conditions and road conditions)

    i have a few habits i need to get rid of on the biggest one is tensing up in a roundabout i go all stiff and find the bike wobbles and comes out wide i have tried to lead with the shoulders but get scared as i have heard the CBR125's tyres are crap and let go ? i this true

    the fuel injection has faltered on 2 occasions and has even backfired and stoped at the lights once ? am i doing something wrong ?

    i intend to do my own maintenance on the bike the 1000 is due now what should i check and replace ? the dealer want $250 i know car dealer services are a rip off is the bike world the same ?

    Glad to be here in the motorcycle community.
  2. Welcome to NR!

    Check your warranty/service manual for the specific items you need to to at 1000 km, then *search* here on NR for how to do it. Don't ask unless you can't find it by searching first, or the flaming will begin :LOL: !

    Most important thing will be an oil change, plenty of info here on NR to help you do that. Good luck :wink:
  3. Welcome to netrider Adrian :)
  4. Welcome, mate.

    Just keep taking the little steps and it will all come together soon enough.
  5. Hi Adrian & Welcome

    There are plenty of CBR125 riders around on this forum who would probably love to help out and you will discover just about all here are happy to listen and advise if your in need. Get out on some of the rides and enjoy
  6. Welcome matey, great intro.

    Cam :biker:
  7. Welcome Aboard !!

    i have a few habits i need to get rid of on the biggest one is tensing up in a roundabout i go all stiff and find the bike wobbles and comes out wide
    So roundabouts do it for ya then? :? :LOL:
    I'd suggest relaxing your arms.. look at your intended exit & keep a constant throttle .. if possible
  8. Welcome to NR Adrian!

    .. now tell us a bit about yourself :p

    Well done .. good intro mate :wink:

    NOTE: WHY have I replied TWICE here ?
    I must be getting senile :roll:
  9. Hi there!
  10. Welcome mate,,, a few scares but you came thru with flying colours...

    This is a great Forum full of friendly helpful guiding people, I have gained useful knowledge in only a week of being here...

  11. not if you value your warranty you wont... the dealer can charge more coz its a warranty service. shop around, but you will want to get your bike looked at by a mechanic until after your warranty period.

  12. +1 to what lobsta said cos if anything goes wrong will hit pocket pretty hard
  13. Hi!!

    I'm shock to hear that the chain slipped within 250km! it has to be really loose for that to happen. I wonder if it is sloppy job on the part of the dealer!

    Anyhow, I wont recommend servicing it yourself. not within the warranty period anyway. I am not a good mechanic anyway and my hands get all itchy after touching motor oil (thats my official excuse)
    Servicing a bike is always gonna be more expensive than a car. Bike consume consumables at breakneck speed. But doing a simple oil change makes a big difference.

    I learn how to ride from being a pillion. learnt how to keep the bike in the power band and most importantly, how NOT to show off. Ride withing your limits on the street and push my limits on the track.

    Ride to have fun. speeding tickets and accidents are not fun
  14. Hi mate, quite an intro :)