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Hi all. Newbie from Adelaide

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Havnacrack67, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Well after being to Bali and Thailand and discovering a licence is needed for travel insurance the seed was sown.
    Now with friends and workmates on their Ls and recently losing a workmate who was a few years younger I've decided it's time to try this motorcycling thing before time runs out (ohh did I mention 50 is coming up next Feb? lol).
    Looking at LAMS bikes and would LOVE a CBR650F in tri colour (Y).
    Although I guess I maybe should be thinking about Ls first!

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  2. Firstly, welcome!

    Worry about getting some skills and road craft (it's not the same as when driving, different things matter, but the skills transfer back to driving) before you look at something with solid fuel boosters and an afterburner. There's plenty of solid LAMS bikes around that are quite capable and fun to ride, even for "adult sized" riders. Take your time and enjoy the journey!
  3. Hi Dark Angel and thanks for the welcome :)
    I definitely plan on doing it right with all the proper gear.
    I have been driving cars and trucks for 30+ years and train and assess new truck drivers in my work role.
    In saying this I feel confident in myself having greater situational awareness compared to many other road users.
    Being a truck driver you need this believe me! lol
    Will be booking my Ridersafe Basic early-mid September so hope to be havnacrack before Christmas :)
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  4. Welcome mate and good luck...
  5. You'll discover a whole new level of situational awareness when it's your neck on the line no matter who screws up or has right of way.
    In the mean time I'd suggest taking up some regular exercise. Riding is more taxing than you'd expect and different than driving in what it stresses, especially your lower back and neck.
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  6. Hi Chillibutton, cheers mate :)
  7. Welcome. I'm in Adelaide too. I'm 57; you're never too old to join the fun. I've just spent five months on my L, and did the Ridersafe Advanced on Wednesday. Got my R-Date endorsement and have already had Mrs ST59ST59 pillioning three times. Today was fabulous.
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  8. Welcome mate :cool:
  9. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. If you are looking for a mentor, let me know.
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  11. Welcome to the forum mate
  12. yep it looks like the SA crew is starting to form a great group
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  13. Howdy Havnacrack67Havnacrack67 , awesome avatar name lol
    Never too old for motorcycling adventures.
    Great that you're "doing ' it right" and getting some training :) can't do enough since one day it may save you're skin.
    Throw you're leg over as many bikes as you can, test them all out. You may be surprised at what you'll end up liking and growing on you! Good luck!
  14. Hi ST59 and thanks for the welcome :)
    I'm getting the impression I'm not the only fresh meat around lol.
    Great to hear you're having a blast!
    I haven't researched pillioning but I'm guessing it's only legal on r-date? is that when you get p-plates?
    Cheers and thanks again for the welcome,
  15. G'day Jamie, yes pillioning is permitted on R-Date after you've done the Ridersafe Advanced. In SA if you've got a full driver's licence, which you obviously have, you don't go on P. But you are restricted to a LAMS bike for 12 months.
  16. Welcome, what Dark Angel said, very true. Your wrists will feel like they are on fire until you work out not to lean on the bars, then your guts and back will ache from not leaning on the bars then it will all come together and you will start to enjoy it. You will find core muscles you had forgotten you owned.
    Sit on lots of bikes, get a feel for what suits you.
    There is a wealth of knowledge on here, if the search engine doesn't bring it up, ask, there are plenty of experienced people on here who are happy to help, or gently bring you back to earth if need be :)
  17. Hi Valvoline and thanks for the welcome!
    I'm very frustrated at the moment as that's all I can do until I get my Ls lol
  18. Ah ok so that's why I saw a young dude on Ps.
    Thanks for the insight Steve :)
  19. Hi Mcsenna,
    Thanks for the reality check (I think lol).
    I'm sure there's lots to learn that I haven't even thought of yet.
  20. Hi Uncle Greg and thanks for the welcome :)