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Hi All - new rider from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JEVO, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Jason here from the Hills in Sydney. Just got my L's last Wednesday and bought an RVF 400 on Thursday.

    I circuit race and Evo and always had a curiosity for two wheels, just didnt have the motivation. So I didnt waste any time when I got my license. Absolutely love riding, can't wait to get home after work and practice, practice practice.

    Hope to meet some of you soon.

    My ride:
  2. Gotta love them V4's. Welcome.
  3. Welcome mate. Bike looks hot. They are a weapon considering it's a LAMs.
    I ride out west a fair bit to visit a few mates. Will give you a holla if we are in the Hills district area
  4. welcome mate
  5. I sold the RVF earlier this year to fund some bits on the race car, but i'm back with something a little different. Still on my p's till March 2011 so this will carry me through. I have not been very active on here but hope to change that. I've alrady taken the muffler off and made a little shorty. I am going to try and get a custom pipe made and sprayed matt.....this is how it started with the car before it was barely road legal.

    New ride:

    My now retired evo (for anyone interested):
  6. hey jase
    its nish (nads on evooz)
    sounds like we're in the same boat when it comes to stepping "up" from the evo to a 2 wheeled monster :)
  7. ^^Hi buddy, good to see you on here. Well this is my baby monster till I get a full license. I agree with these lams restrictions, what I can do in a car does not apply as a novice rider. I bought this one to try and commute more and get experience. Still love the RVF, even with little experience that was a great bike.
  8. Welcome Jase
  9. both sexy learner bikes :D
  10. What's an evo?

    A belated Welcome to the forummm
  11. Thanks for the greetings guys and girls, sorry about the evo talk. I've had this bike now for 1 week and I've changed the exhaust (temporary setup) and already ordered some bits from the U.S. With my limited knowledge I tried shopping locally but lack of parts supply and expense led me to shop o'seas. I see some of you are in the Hill's, look forwarding to meeting soon.
  12. we should try and do another norths rocks meet up....bikes + evos this time jase!
    nice work with the rvf, im on a 250 ninja till mid october, then unreistricted :)
  13. Hey Jas, didnt know you had a bike too :LOL:
  14. That's one hell of a shorty you got there. Can't go wrong with the RVF's - exceptional bikes.
  15. Hey mits how you doing.
    Shorty is a temp for now, i'm gonna get a custom pipe made. They sound surprisingly good and clean without the muffler (partly due to the gigantic cat).

    I had a run with my mates RVF, absolutely left me for dead. To add insult to injury, he's also got a cbr 250rr and that smashed me as well. My old RVF whipped the 250rr. Beyond 5,500 rpm the lams restriction makes the tacho look like it's in slow motion.
  16. Heya Jason. Thought I recognised your username from trackchat... the 'net is a small place :D.

    Nice ride man. Have to catch up for a ride soon. I'm freshly on my P's (until July '11).

    Erik :)
  17. Welcome, (belatedly too).

    I'd be interested in your perspective on the 4wd racer vs a bike in terms of strengths and weaknesses...
  18. Hi Erik nice to see you have a passion for two wheels as well.

    Paul a fellow car racer I and got our bike license together late last year and as our skills improve we regularly compare this to car racing. I think to master a bike is a lot harder than a vehicle. I've seen many people try circuit racing and get off lightly with little preparation. I don't think it would be that easy on two wheels.

    For me personally the concentration required is much more intense. Within 1 year of getting my license I have no where near enough skill to push myself on a bike. I would like to get into track work but I certainly respect the need for proper training techniques.
    On a side note, personal health and fitness really affects riding. Not as important in the car.

    I really like the complete control of a bike, your literally sitting on the motor using more than just hands and feet to negotiate something as simple as a roundabout.