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Hi All - New or Used bike Query

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by blackjackx, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    Firstly I would like to say hi to everyone, im new to these forums and to the riding scene and I would like to say thankyou to all the people who have written in the topics in this part. I have learnt tonnes so thanx :p. Ive been sitting here reading all these posts for a while now and have started shopping for a new bike. But as i was browsing through the classified section aswell as some on the local motorcycle shops in my area i realised that some new bikes are about the same price as the used learner legal stuff being sold. THe bikes that i am mostly mentioning is the hyosung gt250r and 650r. I am just curious if anyone has actually ridden any of these bikes and can advise me on whether or not they are reliable and whether or not i should look for a used bike or a new bike. Thanks in advance.

    - Nathaniel
  2. with any bmodel brand of bikes there are going to be lemons alot of people rave about the hyosungs and others are going to be against them my lil bro has a hyo gv650L he loves it but riding it myself i think they are derated way too far and have no guts but others think they are great like my little brother

    whether you buy new or used will be completely up to you i bought new for my learners bike, but then you have to take things into concideration, like warranty because of warranty you will wanna get the bike serviced by a licenced mechanic at the scheduled intervals, which you should do any way but on a older bike you have the option of doing it yourself especially with the minor services which is basically oil filter and check fluild and replace if neccessary

    also with learners bikes if you buy new chances are you will lose alot more in value through deprication then you will on a second hand bike but it just depends on how long you actually intend on keeping the bike

    the hyos seem like a real good deal with the 650s being able to get them derestricted but dont be fooled it will only open them up to a bit over 50kw chaces are you will still want to upgrade basically straight after you get off restrictions but that all depends on yourself as a rider no one can honestly speak for you, ultimately it will be yourself that, will be on the bike for the duration of your restictions and beyond if its the case
  3. Got punctuation? :roll:

    Just like cars, any new bike loses up to 30% of it's value just by rolling off the showroom floor - an important point to consider in any purchase.

    This usually means (from a financial point of view) that a new first bike isn't a good investment, as you're not likely to keep it long enough to make up for the initial loss in value. If you're keeping a bike for a while it might be worth it, but in 1-2 years of ownership it's not a good deal.

    Second-hand bikes lose much less in resale - sometimes none at all (particularly if it's a 250 in Vic!). I'd always recommend second-hand to a new rider, particularly as it's likely you'll drop your first bike anyway, and it hurts less to scratch a cheap bike than a new expensive one!

    Obviously something can be said for being the first and only owner of your bike - but I guess it comes down to whether your wallet can support it. :)
  4. Having owned both new and second hand bike in the past. I had decided to get back on 2 wheels after a few years driving the car.

    I had been looking for a second hand bike for the last 6 months, cheaper ones were older and normally with plenty of Km's.

    So I made the choice to buy new, I purchased the super seeded model and saved a packet, this has reduced the losses from buying new.

    At least you know from day one how it has been treated, (seconded hand bike never raced, yeah right and pigs fly).

  5. I was in the same place 6months ago.
    to sum it up just said

    can u afford the insurance (full comp) of a new bike?

    can you afford the repayments for the bike and you gear?

    Are you going to replace the bike after your r date license for a bigger one?

    Wasnt worth it to me, usually you drop it when learning.
    Your heart will break if u drop a new bike!!!!! then u have to use that expensive insurance.

    Personal i went 2nd hand bike 3rd party (was already a little banged up) and new gear.
    all for a price under the cost for a 650RL.

    Bring on the zx6r!!!!! 12months is a long time though :(

    To quote a good movie, Is the juice worth the squeeze?

  6. I went 2nd hand for a few reasons.

    Firstly I could easily find a good quality RR for the price of a new hyo and I felt better riding the RR.

    Secondly, it’s my first road bike…. I don’t want to have to worry too much about keeping it in total mint condition, I want to ride it and enjoy it.

    There is nothing wrong with a second hand bike as your first. Just don’t buy the first thing you see, test ride it, get a mech or a mate who knows about bikes to check it out.

    Buying new you get the warranty which you have to do certain things to keep (eg: serviced at mech’s) you also get a mint bike but you pay the price for it and I really don’t think its worth.e

    Find a nice bling’ed up 2nd hand bike and ask about its history. There are plenty of fish in the sea, set a budget and pick something right for you!
  7. Thanx guys and gals for the input, I have decided to get a used bike cause of the reasons mentioned and I think it is better in the long run also, since I will be changing to a ninja or something with a bit more oomf (lol first time ive used that word.). Ive got a couple of bikes that im thinking of now but i heard i may not be able to fit on some of them cause i may be a bit too tall :S . So my next question that i need to ask is if anyone around 6ft ' 2 or above has either a CBR250RR, VTR250 , or a ZZR-250 and do they feel comfortable while riding. I have sat on these bikes but sitting on it for a couple of minutes and riding it for and hour or more may turn out to be quite uncomfortable. I have had a look at the other section with regards to bikes but if anyone can suggest a couple of good Learner Legal stuff that is quite comfortable to ride for soughta tallish people I would appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance

    - NathanieL