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Hi all, new member from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by chilliman64, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. greetings NR members.

    I joined in January but hadn't gotten around to posting but have been lurking and reading quite a bit.

    I wasn't sure this forum would be for me as I am a HD rider and have seen quite a few comments about cruisers and their riders that were not all that friendly - they can't ride, they're too noisy, they're OMC wannabes, can't corner, comments about leather etc etc. I guess most of it is just good natured ball-breaking, hope that is the case. I am a Ulyssian but like to ride past the odd Maccas as don't need to stop for coffee or a leak every 20kms.

    let those that ride decide is the way I look at it. me personally I'm mostly an ATGATT kind of rider but I do like an open faced lid and am partial to a leather vest if it's too hot for the heavy jacket or just going local.

    anyway, it's a great looking forum and plenty of different riding styles and opinions always makes for a fun time.

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  2. welcome aboard :) who cares what you ride as long as you enjoy it. (y)
    A scooter rider now that's different :p
    what HD you riding :)
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  3. Welcome :cool:

    As Jeffco said, who cares as long as it isn't a scooter ;)
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  4. hi Jeffco and Sim, thanks for the welcome.

    I ride a '14 fatboy, that's mine on the left. have been riding since my early 20's when all my mates had bikes and it's all I could afford. still love riding and wish I had the time to do more. this is my first non-japper and I love it.

    looking forward to a few NR rides in the near future. guess I should pay for membership now... :)
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  5. nice looking bike
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  6. thanks Jeffco, I see you're from the hills, I'm not too far from you.
  7. Welcome to the forum mate.

    Nothing wrong with an HD rider, as long as they nod......

    Jokes aside this forum is, to borrow a quote, 'Mostly Harmless'
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  8. Welcome to NR...

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  9. Welcome to NetRider chilliman64chilliman64! We are all harmless riders here. I do ride and nod with HD Riders. I don't ride a HD, but most of my mates are. Also love to collect HD shirts, that's all I can afford.
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  10. Hi and welcome chilliman64.

    I'm another Old Fart.... U.C. member.

    Do you make it up to Pie in the Sky, weekdays?

    If so, and you ride a Harley and I'm riding my scooter, we could trade insults. :)
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  11. Welcome chilliman64chilliman64 as long as you're happy with your ride is all that matters (y)
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  12. Welcome :)
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  13. thanks everyone - looking forward to spending some time on these boards. I nod and waive to everyone on two (or three wheels) sporties, cruisers, scooters, spyder riders
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  14. Greetings oh chilliman64chilliman64! Welcome to our delightfully sane and sedate place.

    Remember, ATGATT (whatever that means), left glove first, and nod.

    It also helps here if you have a bike. Just don't wear Lycra in public places.

    You can make your Mark here like the rest of us.
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  15. thanks for the thread revival PetesulPetesul! lol.

    I'm still undecided if I like it here or not, guess I'll stay for a bit longer... ;)

    I lied in my opening post - I didn't join in January, I actually joined in July 2006 but I didn't post much back then and when I rediscovered NR earlier this year the bug really bit me. as I started a new profile (because I couldn't hack my old one) I received a very pleasant message from Mouth asking if I wanted to merge the profiles so I did but requested I keep my start date if that was possible.

    since rejoining I'm riding and posting more than I have done in a very long time and I'm really enjoying, I have a new found enthusiasm for all things motorcycles and it's great. I've met some really terrific people thanks to Netrider and made some friends as well as been for a number of rides and coffees. this forum is not just about riding it's about people and that's what I love. of course talking about riding and enabling and the humour and mateship are what makes this place a standout as far as motorcycle forums go and it's the only one I'm active in.

    thanks to MouthMouth and the mods and members that make this such a terrific place!

    (nodding to myself while making this post (y))
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  16. You still haven't said if you get up to Pie in the Sky.

    BTW, we do have fairly vicious chillis growing in our back yard.
  17. sorry mate, tbh I don't think I've ever stopped at PITS, maybe this Sunday will be the first of many.

    trying to organise a midweek run to Umina to the Bremen Patisserie (google world's hottest pie) with Steve VtecSteve Vtec and maybe Andrew WestAndrew West and anyone else that may be interested, that includes you. week starting 26th Sept, probably the Wed or Thursday but not finalised yet.