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Hi all - new member from Canberra

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SLIPKNUT, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Hi all, my name's Rakesh and I am from Canberra.. just about to leave for a my 2nd ACT Stay Upright pre learner session. 1st session didnt go too well :( hopefully today will be much better..

  2. Chin up buddy, just relax listen!
  3. Welcome Rakesh, good advice from Swaytan, just relax.
  4. Good luck, I may have seen you as I was heading gown Sutton Rd about an hour ago...I saw a bunch of newbies up on the training circuit :peace:
  5. Good luck Rakesh. You might want to join Canberra Riders forum as well. They have learner rides and practice every weekend with experienced riders giving you their knowledge and advice.
  6. Thanks guys. i didnt pass the course today.. :( fair enough call by the instructors since i was way too nervous and did not pass the gear change competency.

    booking in for a private lesson within 4 weeks so i can complete the rest of the competencies and get my certificate. determined to get my Ls!! (Y)

    hi wyno, i ll look into the Canberra riders forum. cheers :D
  7. Ok bad luck but sounds like you have a plan to recover. and try again. Canberra Riders sounds a good group to get involved with, moral support and a few pointers will get the nerves under control. Some one on one instruction from a private instructor will get you over the initial hump. Good Luck.